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European Market Leader

With over 800 projects across 20+ countries worldwide, TVILIGHT is a European market leader in the smart street lighting solutions. Headquartered in the Netherlands, with offices in Groningen, Amsterdam and Ahmedabad (India), we specialize in street light motion sensors, outdoor luminaire controllers and central management software (CMS).

Tvilight Smart Street Lighting
Tvilight - Smart Street Lighting Control System

Improving Lives of Citizens

We believe in improving the lives of citizens globally and contributing to the creation of sustainable and connected cities. To achieve this, we use state-of-the-art smart street lighting control system and IoT platform.

On-Demand Lighting & Full Remote Management

Our patented sensor-based presence detection technology enables dynamic on-demand lighting, and our TALQ-certified light management platform provides full remote management of the entire public lighting infrastructure in real-time.

Smart Street Lighting - Command Center
Smart City Begins with Smart Lighting

Smart City begins with Smart Lighting

We drive the adoption of networked connected street lighting, to help our customers save energy, prevent CO2 emissions, improve citizen safety, reduce installation complexity, and minimize infrastructure maintenance costs.

Effortless Integration

Our smart street lighting control system and Open API allow integration to city’s preferred software systems and thus constitute an open, secure and future-proof base for Smart Cities and the Internet of Things.

Smart Street Lighting - CMS User
Smart Street Lights - Safe Campus

For the Betterment of Cities & Citizens

We seek to unleash the full potential of sensor technology and wireless communication, offering an enhanced, human-centric lighting experience that goes beyond regular lighting. We envision a world where data is collected and managed effortlessly, for the betterment of cities and citizens.

Open, Secure and Affordable Smart City Lighting

Our Philosophy  

Our Team  

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