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Monitor and Manage Citywide Lighting With Ease

Through Our Smart City Software

CityManager is a TALQ-certified smart city software that gives you a full command over your entire public lighting infrastructure. Monitor and control each individual street light or group of street lights with an open, secure and intuitive smart city software application suite that is remotely accessible at any time, from anywhere.

Manage Street Lights Remotely

View and manage your smart city street lighting infrastructure with an intuitive dashboard that is accessible from a standard web browser remotely from anywhere, at any time.

Smart City Software for Street Lighting Control
Smart Street Lighting System - Control Citywide Lighting

Control Citywide Lighting

Create custom groups or manage individual street lights. Adjust citywide lighting requirements based on profiles, specific days, certain events, or simply on human movements (motion sensor street light control system).

Adjust Street Light Colors

Create the right ambience to please the citizens. Choose from a broad spectrum of colors or any shade of white to find the right tone (RGBW). For a complete immersive experience, colors can be scheduled for specific days, certain festive events or simply based on human movements (motion sensor street light control system).

* Currently available with Zhaga IoT Controller and NEMA IoT Controller

Intelligent Street Lighting - Adjust Street Light Colors
Smart Street Lights - Citywide Maintenance Overview

Citywide Maintenance Overview

Identify street light alerts/alarms on maps at a city-level.

Know the precise location where the maintenance operator should act.

Reduce truck rolls and subsequent expenses.

Monitor Faults and React Quickly

Get real-time status information of every individual or group of luminaires.

Receive alerts and notifications automatically when faults and outages arise.

Turn expensive reactive maintenance to effective proactive maintenance.

Smart Street Lights - Monitor Faults and React Quickly
Smart Street Lights - Gain Insight to Optimize Public Lighting

Gain Insight to Optimize Lighting

Insightful graphical data on energy usage and savings of each luminaire or cabinet helps optimize the entire lighting infrastructure. It also helps make actionable plans to meet your smart city goals.

Reduce Costs

Limit energy consumption and minimize CO2 emissions and light pollution with dimming schedules and motion sensors. Align lighting schedules to achieve sustainability without compromising citizen comfort and safety.

Smart Street Lighting System - Reduce Costs
Smart Street Lighting System - Offer Better Quality Lighting

Offer Better Quality Lighting

Ensure there is right light, at the right place at the right time by adjusting lighting schedules as per the specific needs. Increase light levels in busy areas or in case of unexpected events. Fix outages with automatic fault notification to reduce citizen complaints.

Vendor Neutral System

Open API based smart street lighting system enables easy integration with other smart city applications and dashboards, enabling you to avoid vendor lock-in. System optimized by Open API also promotes new innovations that are geared toward betterment of citizens and city services.

Our successful integration examples include Cisco Kinetic, SixData luxData.light, SWARCO ImCity, Montad Moon.

Smart Street Lighting System - Vendor Neutral System
Smart City Software for Smart City Street Lighting

Smart City Ready

Environment sensors, EV charging, emergency response systems, weather systems, security systems, traffic systems, and more… Manage, monitor and control different smart city devices and IoT applications with a single central management dashboard.

Comprehensive Smart Street Lighting System

Smart Street Lighting Control System - Command Center
Command Centre
Smart Street Lighting Control System - Light Planner
Light Planner
Smart Street Lighting Control System - City Cabinet
City Cabinet
Smart Street Lighting Control System - City Services
City Services
Smart Street Lighting Control System - Commissioning Export
Commissioning Export
Smart Street Lighting Control System - Passport
Smart Street Lighting Control System - Notifications
Smart Street Lighting Control System - Analytics

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