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System Integration

Our smart street lighting solutions work on Open API, enabling seamless interconnection and interoperation with different Smart City IoT systems and software applications.

If you want our solutions to integrate with your preferred system, we will assist you by working with your system integrator and IT staff. We are happy to support you integrate our solutions on software level through Open / RESTful APIs.

Successful Integration Examples

  • Cisco Kinetic
  • Osram Lumldent
  • Siemens / Atos
  • SixData luxData.light
  • SWARCO ImCity
  • Thorn UrbaSens
  • Bee Smart City
  • Montad Moon


You know your service area better than anyone, but we know how to deploy smart street lighting solutions in an efficient and appropriate manner. Whether it is a residential area, commercial area, public park, industrial park, sea port or university campus, we will survey the site and help you plan and design smart lighting infrastructure, so that you can yield maximum out of our solutions. No need to guess which type of devices you will need, how many units you will require or where you should install the gateways for seamless connectivity – we will take care of all these on your behalf.


To operate and maintain your smart street lighting infrastructure, your staff also needs to equip the necessary skills. Don’t worry! We have got you covered. Site survey, installation and commissioning, asset management, request for RMA (return merchandise authorization) or support – we provide all the necessary training so that your staff can take complete care of your smart street lighting on its own.

Installation & Commissioning

After designing and planning where to place the smart street light motion sensors, controllers, and IoT gateways for optimal performance, our team accompanies your deployment staff or the contractors in the field to assist them with the installation. Proper installation ensures optimum performance. While on the field, we will also train your personnel on how to correctly install our products, as well as how to use our field tools so that in future, they will be able to carry out these tasks efficiently on their own.

Post installation, every Tvilight device needs to be commissioned or registered in our TALQ-certified CityManager smart city software platform. Only after commissioning, the devices will be able to become a part of the Tvilight ecosystem and be ready to be controlled remotely. Commissioning is performed with the help of our Scan & Go mobile app, which swiftly registers the devices in CityManager. Using the app is straightforward; however, our team is always ready to help with the commissioning.

Post-Installation Support

We care for each of our customers. In case you face any problem with our devices, our support team is always ready to assist. In order to ensure swift and smooth resolve to any issues, we employ simple, yet versatile ticketing tool from Jira.

No painful calls or emails – just login to your Tvilight Service Desk account (created by us) and post the issues. Our support team will quickly investigate the problem and provide a satisfactory solution. The Tvilight Service Desk will also act as a knowledge repository, which can be shared among your team; no need to inquire for the same problem again and again – just browse the repository for the suitable solutions.

Need technical / product support? We are here to help!

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