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Smart Street Lighting - Energy Savings
Up to 80%
energy savings
Smart Street Lighting - Reduce Maintenance Costs
Up to 70% maintenance
cost reduction
Street Light Motion Sensor - On Demand Lighting
Street Light Motion Sensor - Heatmaps
Street Light Motion Sensor - Open API
Open API Interface

Revolutionary Motion Sensor Street Lighting

CitySense Lite is an innovative motion sensor street lighting control system, which comprises of low power PIR motion sensors, which work together with smart street light controllers.

The CitySense Lite motion sensor street lighting solution complies with the Zhaga-D4i standard, ensuring plug-and-play interoperability with the certified street light controllers and luminaires from any manufacturer.

The Zhaga Book 18 standard ensures a quick tool-free installation. The D4i specifications assure the sensor has its own power.

The solution offers energy savings of up to 80% thanks to the light-on-demand feature. It also increases public safety and comfort with the neighbor triggering functionality.

It is a perfect dynamic smart street lighting system for areas such as bicycle paths, pedestrian pathways, residential areas, parking facilities, public parks and university campuses.

Additional Energy Savings - Street Light Motion Sensor

Significant Energy Savings

LED street lights deliver about 50% energy savings than traditional street lights.

Retrofitting LED street lights with smart luminaire controllers provides 60-70% energy savings.

Pairing our motion sensors with smart controllers offers up to 80% energy savings.

Sensor Mask

CitySense Lite comes with a mask that provides the ability to limit the coverage areas. Adjust the coverage patterns of the motion sensor as per the situation.

Sensor Mask - Motion Sensor Street Lighting
Motion Sensor Street Lighting - Quick and Tool-Free Installation

Quick and Tool-Free Installation

Thanks to the standardized Zhaga (book 18) interface, installing the motion sensor is quick and easy. A simple twist-and-lock motion secures the device onto the luminaire.

Light on Demand

Street lights automatically brightens to an optimal level when a human is detected in the area. As soon as the area is vacant, the lights return to a minimum, pre-defined level. This beautifully balances energy usage without compromising public safety.

Motion Sensor Street Light - Light on Demand
Smart Street Lighting - Open Standard and API

Open Standard and API – No Vendor Lock-in

Thanks to the open architecture, it is easy to integrate third party motion sensors with our SkyLite Prime wireless street light controllers. Choose compliant luminaire and motion sensor of your choice and we will help you make it work with our smart street lighting control system.


Optimize your public lighting by understanding how and when the streets or specific areas (rail stations, parking lots, industrial zones) are used by the citizens.

  • Measure people’s movement during the different hours at night for every night and detect bottlenecks if any
  • Identify which areas or spots are more popular
  • Spot trends and patterns, to adjust street lighting accordingly
Motion Sensor Street Lighting - Heatmap


Smart Street Lighting - Energy Savings

Up to 80% energy savings and CO2 prevention

Street lights adapting automatically to human presence not only boost energy savings, but also help reduce CO2 emissions significantly.

Maintenance Cost Reduction - Smart Street Lighting

Up to 70% reduction in maintenance costs

Proactive alerts/ notifications for faults, alarms and outages help optimize maintenance and reduce costs by up to 70%.

Smart Street Lighting - Lower Light Pollution

Lower light pollution

In the absence of human presence, motion sensor street lights remain at a predefined low level, reducing light pollution and benefitting nocturnal life.

Smart Street Lighting - Improve Safety Perception

Improve safety perception

With street lights spontaneously brightening up in the presence of human, the safety perception of the road users increases naturally.

Customer feedback

We wanted to accomplish a few things, namely reducing energy consumption at the stations and lowering light pollution for people living in the area. At the same time, we wanted to ensure public safety. Tvilight’s solution combined this beautifully.

Eelco KrakauContract Manager, Dutch Railways

JCL is using the Tvilight solution in County Kerry, which is the first installation of its kind in Ireland. The solution has proven to be very successful, enabling us to achieve 60% savings on energy. It’s a very impressive technology.

Philip CurneenDirector and Program Manager at JCL

Tvilight’s adaptive lighting control is an excellent solution; it has allowed us to save energy as well as manage the street lights remotely. I truly believe that this is the future for the Netherlands, Europe and the world.

Robin BrekelmansProject Manager, Municipality of Nuenen

I am really satisfied with the result. By using LED streetlights and dynamic dimming, we save more than 60% of the energy previously spent on street lighting. This is a major achievement.

Stephan KikkertProject Leader, Municipality of Texel

The beauty of the TVILIGHT solution is that it doesn’t compromise public safety in any way. The true light-on-demand helps to keep the streets safe while minimizing the light pollution.

Haye MensonidesCommercial Director of Dynniq

Technology is developing rapidly within public lighting. That’s why we choose Tvilight intelligent street lighting solution that is future-proof. Connected lighting will play a central role in the future.

Sander KlijnstraMunicipality of The Hague

The combination of new LED streetlights, dynamic dimming, and remote control options offered by TVILIGHT is an optimal investment because it helps us save energy while improving public safety and security at the port.

Bas van den BoschProject Manager, Port of Moerdijk

Classic streetlight design and integrated intelligence do not have to be mutually exclusive. We combined classic streetlight design with Tvilight’s wireless lighting control options to help The Hague meet its unique goals.

Pieter VisserAccount Manager at DE NOOD

Tvilight: The 'talking' streetlamps that will lighten your heart (but not your wallet). It is a first step to Smart Cities...

Daisy CarringtonCNN

We aim at becoming a Digital City with greater connectivity and information access for the citizens as well as the tourists. With intelligent lighting solution, this vision became a reality. Our city is benefiting in every aspect – from safety and security, to easy access to information.

Shikhar AgrawalGovernment of Rajasthan

Many youngsters visit the cinema, the skating ring, sports facilities and pubs during late evening hours. Sometimes they move in group, but often alone, and then good lighting is essential for a better sense of safety. This is an excellent initiative for the bicycle highway.

Abdrahman LabsirCity Council Member at Youth and Prevention (Mechelen)

Wireless smart lighting system was selected as most the preferred solution. It improves illumination and safety, reduces cost and cuts CO2 emissions. Due to the system’s openness and flexibility, it also offers a foundation to host innovative systems that would help us become a smart city.

City of Dortmund

Individual light management and control provide unprecedented flexibility. Performance of all the street lights is clearly visible in the light management system. Together with smart monitoring, this provides an unprecedented degree of transparency for the operator of the installation. This is what future smart light looks like today!

Jan WiesemannProject Manager at Trilux


Universal Compatibility - Smart Street Lighting

Zhaga and D4i Compliant

CitySense Lite complies with both the Zhaga Book 18 standard and D4i specifications. Zhaga Book 18 ensures quick, tool free installation. D4i specifications ensure the power availability for the sensor.

Smart Street Lighting - Full Remote Management & Control

Full Remote Management & Control

You can monitor and control CitySense Lite motion sensor street lighting through our own software, CityManager, or any suitable third-party software.

Advanced Street Light Data - Smart Street Lights

Advanced Street Light Data

By pairing with a smart driver, CitySense Lite is able to collect data relating to the driver, light source and luminaire. This intelligent data can help enhance asset tracking as well as luminaire performance monitoring, energy metering and diagnostics.

Smart Motion Sensor Street Lighting - Neighbor Trigger

Neighbor Trigger

Upon detection of human presence, all lights in the surrounding areas turn to a pre-defined brightness level, visually creating a safe circle of light around the occupant while they travel and improving safety perception at the same time.

Enhanced Safety - Smart Street Lights

Integrated Ambient Light Sensor

The integrated ambient light sensor (ALS) enables the tailoring of street light brightness based on the naturally available ambient light.

Street Light Motion Sensors - Heatmap


CitySense Lite performs traffic density monitoring without additional sensors. The generated heatmap shows the relative traffic density based on the number of triggers.

Weather Resistant - Smart Street Lighting

Weather Resistant

CitySense Lite motion sensor is designed for the harsh outdoor environments, capable of withstanding heat, snow, rain, dust and wind.

Smart Street Lighting - Asset Management

Asset Management Support

Thanks to Open API, it is possible to use third-party asset management software with our street light motion sensing solution.


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