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It is easier to begin a Smart City journey
with Smart Street Lights

Nervous System of a City

Public lighting represents one of the finest powered grids – spread across towns and cities throughout the globe. It is a nervous system of a city that connects over 360 million street lights worldwide with access to 24×7 power. Street pole is therefore an ideal spot for mounting smart city systems.

Street Lights - Nervous System of a City
Smart Street Lights - A Perfect Spot for Mounting IoT Applications

A Perfect Spot for Mounting IoT Applications

Being an ideal spot, cities and utility providers can easily mount a variety of smart city devices and sensors to the pole itself, like a security camera, environment sensor, traffic counter, or EV charger. By adding these IoT applications to the pole, cities can increase citizen safety, improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

Benefit from Inter-Connection

Likewise, cities can benefit from the inter-connection between smart street lights and other smart city systems. For example, smart street lights of the future will adapt color on the path of an emergency vehicle – so that traffic ahead can start moving aside even before hearing the siren of an emergency vehicle.

Smart Street Lights and Smart City Applications
Smart Street Lights - Open Platform

Open Standards & Open APIs based Approach

Tvilight’s secure DigiHub platform is designed to help cities to be future-ready and leverage such interoperability. Through our Open Standard and Open API approach, we enable multiple devices, systems and assets to be inter-connected.

Saves Money from Day One

Further good news is that unlike most smart city applications, smart street lights save you money from day one. You save up to 80% on energy bills and reduce up to 50% operation and maintenance costs. Plus, it also offers exciting revenue generating opportunities through smart poles and IoT devices.

Smart Street Lights Save Money

Making street lights smarter is our passion

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