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Street Light Motion Sensor - On Demand Lighting
True Light-on-Demand
Smart Street Lighting - Energy Savings
Up to 80% Energy Savings
Street Light Motion Sensor - Light-on-Demand
Improved Public Safety

Revolutionary Street Light Motion Sensor for Smart City Lighting

Offer “Light-on-Demand” and “Safe Circle of Light” in addition to saving energy and limiting light pollution. Detects pedestrians, cyclists and cars, while filtering out interference factors such as small animals or weather events, like wind, rain or snow.

CitySense Plus

Award-Winning Street Light Motion Sensor

CitySense Plus is the best-in-class street light motion sensor with an integrated wireless lighting control. Designed for the harsh outdoor environments, our unique motion sensor offers true on-demand adaptive lighting, making the street lights adjust their brightness based on the presence of pedestrians, cyclists or cars.

Using a real-time mesh network, CitySense Plus triggers neighboring lights and creates a safe circle of light around an occupant. The adjustment to human presence happens automatically. Interference factors such as small animals or moving trees are filtered out.

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CitySense Lite

Zhaga-D4i Street Light Motion Sensor

CitySense Lite is an innovative smart street lighting solution, which comprises of D4i-based street light motion sensors and intelligent street light controllers.

Enabling quick and effortless deployment, CitySense Lite offers both “Light-on-Demand” and “Safe Circle of Light” functionality.

In addition, the solution also offers valuable heatmaps, which assist taking informed decisions.

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CitySense Solar

Motion Sensors for Solar Street Lights

CitySense Solar is a state-of-the-art street light motion sensor designed for solar street lamps. Using the accurate and reliable PIR sensing technology, this motion sensor street lighting solution delivers light on demand, which significantly boost road safety and energy savings.

Available in two variants – Pole Mount and Luminaire Mount, both versions are LSI based and work on 0-10V dimming protocol.

It is a perfect solution for making solar street lights smarter and more energy efficient.

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Street Light Motion Sensor - Light-on-Demand


Street lights illuminate only in the presence of a human. Rest of the time, they burn at a pre-defined economical level, for instance, at 20%.

Neighbor Trigger

When a pedestrian, cyclist or a car is detected, the sensor not only illuminates a single street light but up to 10 surrounding street lights!

The surrounding street lights keep on illuminating as the road user passes by, keeping him/her in a safe circle of light.

Once the user passes, street lights return to their predefined brightness.

Street Light Motion Sensor - Neighbor Trigger
Additional Energy Savings - Street Light Motion Sensor

Additional Energy Savings

LED street lights deliver about 50% energy savings than traditional street lights.

Retrofitting LED street lights with smart luminaire controllers provides 60-70% energy savings.

Pairing our motion sensors with smart controllers offers up to 80% energy savings.


Our street light motion sensors are capable of collecting data on the local human traffic movement. You can view this data in a comprehensible heatmap format in our CityManager software suite.

Heatmaps - Street Light Motion Sensor


Smart Street Lighting Control System


The motion sensors enable on-demand lighting by automatically adjusting the brightness of the lamps according to human presence.

Smart Street Lighting - Improve Safety Perception

Advanced Human Detection*

The sensor allows filtering non-human movement, like that of animals or wind. Lamps will only react to human activity, e.g. to pedestrians, cyclists and cars.

*Available in CitySense Plus only.

Smart Street Lighting - Full Remote Management & Control

Full Remote Management & Control

You can read and control CitySense Plus / Lite / Solar lamps through our own software, CityManager, or any suitable third-party software.

Easy to Install - Smart Street Lights

Easy to Install

The sensors are effortless to install and can be integrated easily into the existing or new lighting infrastructure. Offers universal lamp compatibility.

Weather Resistant - Smart Street Lighting

Weather Resistant

Like other Tvilight intelligent street lighting products, CitySense Plus, CitySense Lite and CitySense Solar were developed to withstand harsh outdoor environments.

Street Light Motion Sensors - Heatmap


CitySense street light sensors can perform traffic density monitoring without additional sensors. The generated heatmap shows the relative traffic density based on the number of relevant triggers received.

Smart Motion Sensor Street Lighting - Neighbor Trigger

Neighbor Trigger

Upon detection of human presence, the sensors trigger all lights in the surrounding areas turn to a pre-defined brightness level, visually creating a safe circle of light around the occupant.

Failproof - Smart City Street Lighting


Our street light sensors have a 3-level back-up system. In an unlikely case of a failure, lamps will return to 100% brightness.


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