Central Management System

Our central management system, CityManager, allows you to take total control of your entire street lighting infrastructure. Monitor and control each individual street light or group of street lights with an open, secure and intuitive web application suite that is remotely accessible at any time, from anywhere.

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Smart City Central Management System
Street Light Motion Sensors

Street Light Motion Sensor

Revolutionary street light motion sensors for smart city lighting. Offers “Light-on-Demand” and “Safe Circle of Light” in addition to saving energy and limiting light pollution. Detects pedestrians, cyclists and cars, while filtering out interference factors such as small animals or moving trees.

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Street Light Controller

Intelligent street light controllers to help upgrade regular street lights to smart street lights. Quick to install, our street light controllers help monitoring and controlling public lighting on individual basis as well as on group basis. Serves as an ideal foundation for Smart City applications, our outdoor lighting controllers (OLC) create an energy-efficient, safe and livable environment.

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Street Light Control System

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