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Tunable White Lighting for Outdoor Applications

Tunable White Street Lighting makes it possible to create spaces that let citizens feel safe and enable them to interact with each other and the environment.

At Tvilight, we design and deliver citizen-centric lighting solutions that protect people and the planet. With our IoT smart street light solutions, we empower Dynamic Tunable White lighting technology.

Our OpenSky outdoor lamp controllers allow you to adjust the level of light and color temperature of public lighting. You can set the color temperature of your street lights to between, for example, a warm 2200K and a cooler 4000K, to match the specific lighting requirements or the desired mood.

What is Tunable White Lighting?

Tunable White, or dynamic white, is a lighting solution that allows changing the color temperature (between warm and cool) and brightness of the light. By carefully adjusting the lighting, you can create a perfect ambiance that enriches the lives of people. And also benefit nocturnal wildlife.

The Tunable White solution works by combining different LED light sources with different color temperatures, warm white (2200K) and cool white (4000K), in the same lighting fixture. By adjusting the intensity of each light source, the overall color temperature of the light can be tuned to different levels, from warm white to cool white and everything in between.

What is Tunable White Lighting - Smart Street Lights

Outdoor Applications for Tunable White Lighting

Indoor settings, such as offices, classrooms, retail stores, and hospitals, are already using human-centric Tunable White lighting to improve comfort, well-being, and productivity. Now with the advancement of technology, cities too can use Tunable White Lighting for public lighting.

Tunable White Lighting for Residential Areas - Cool Tunable White Lighting for Residential Areas - Amber

Tunable White Lighting for Residential Streets

Tunable White lighting makes an ideal choice for residential areas.

  • Improves visibility and safety at night: In the evening, when there is still some human activity in the neighborhood, set a moderate color temperature to provide better visibility and make it easier for residents to see and be seen.
  • Save energy and lowers light pollution: During the middle of the night, when there is no one around, set a warmer, amber color temperature with a low light level to minimize energy waste and light pollution. This also creates an ideal night-time setting that proves beneficial to humans and wildlife.

Tunable White Lighting for Main Roads

Tunable White lighting proves beneficial for urban streets.

  • Improves road safety: During fog or snow, set the color temperature of street lights, for instance, to amber in order to increase visibility for motorists.
  • Reduce glare and shadows: Fine-tune the light level and color temperature to create perfect lighting that makes it easy for people to navigate through urban envirnoment.
Tunable White Lighting for Main Roads - Cool Tunable White Lighting for Main Roads - Amber
Tunable White Lighting for Fauna-Friendly Areas - Cool Tunable White Lighting for Fauna-Friendly Areas - Amber

Tunable White Lighting for Fauna-Friendly Areas

Tunable White lighting is beneficial for both humans and nocturnal wildlife.

  • Creates right outdoor settings: During off-peak hours, set the lighting to warm amber 2200K with low brightness, which benefits bats, turtles, and other nocturnal wildlife.
  • Maintains safety: When there is human traffic during the evening and early morning hours, schedule the lighting to remain at a cooler temperature for better visibility.


Human Wellbeing

By setting the right color temperature of street lights, a proper night-time environment can be created that will not adversely affect the circadian rhythm of humans

Tunable White Lighting - Human Well-Being
Tunable White Lighting - Improves Safety

Improve Safety

Dynamic White lighting solution helps deliver ideal illumination that improves road visibility and safety. For instance, during fog or snow, setting amber/yellow road lighting greatly improves visibility

Protect Nocturnal Ecosystem

Changing the color of street lights to amber and reducing the light intensity significantly benefits bats, turtles, migratory birds, and other nocturnal wildlife

Tunable White Lighting - Protects Dark Skies

Protect Dark Skies

Changing the color temperature and dimming the light levels help reduce artificial light pollution and protect dark skies

Tvilight’s Smart Street Light Solutions for Tunable White

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