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Achieve Seamless Control Over Public Lighting

CityManager smart city platform is a complete suite of web applications that offer seamless control over public lighting. Monitor and control individual or group of street lights, create customized schedules, manage lighting assets, gain performance insights, discover and locate faults, and much more from an open, secure and unified platform that is accessible remotely from anywhere, at any time.

Command Centre

Command Centre is the central application for network configuration, tele-monitoring and tele-management of the entire smart street lighting infrastructure. It provides an in-depth near real-time analysis and monitoring of the state of assets, networks and sensors.
Command Centre supports the system administrator during the installation and operation of the smart lighting network. It is used for the management of the luminaires/devices, commissioning of the network and the identification of faults or errors during and after the installation.

Smart City Platform - Command Center
Smart City Platform - Light Planner

Light Planner

Light Planner allows operators to program, change and adapt the level of urban lighting from the point of view of urban plan (city grid). Operators can set the light levels based on hours of sunset/ sunrise, daily/ weekly schedules, event-based calendars, and advanced schedules.
Variable night illumination profiles per lamp allow the light intensity to be modulated according to the street location, time, environment or current situation, such as traffic density, weather, etc.

City Cabinet (group control)

City Cabinet is a web-based software for tele-management of the electric cabinet (feeder pillar). This platform allows for the control and analysis of a group of around 150 luminaires at the same time. It is also useful for replacing the traditional ‘tone frequency’ based switching function. City Cabinet delivers various group level functions such as: lamp switching based on in-built astronomical-clock/ central ALS/ photocell/ override mode, cabinet-based power-metering, and group analytics/ alerts/ notifications.

Smart City Platform - City Cabinet
Smart Street Lights Asset Management System

City Services

City Services is an asset management platform to help the local system integrators in their day-to-day operations of physical infrastructure (including street lights, grid cables, feeder pillars as well as other street furniture and outdoor assets). This software is used to manage inventories, allocate daily tasks, perform inspections and plan projects to maintain connected as well as non-connected lighting.

Commissioning Export

This tool helps you to download a complete report about the commissioned lighting infrastructure based on a particular organization or project. Using this report, you can gain an in-depth insight, such as device type, software version, luminaire wattage, etc. on each of the luminaire that has been commissioned. You can import this data to your preferred BI (business intelligence) or asset management tool for further analysis.

Smart City Platform - Commissioning Export
Smart City Platform - User Rights Management


Passport is a dedicated identity and access management tool. This application helps you to create, manage and delete users and groups. As an admin, you can allocate various levels of access rights based on the role of a specific user. For example, you can offer different types of access to the installer, system integrator, maintenance personnel and asset manager.


A part of the Command Centre software, Analytics tool helps you to track your city’s smart lighting performance, status, energy consumption and savings over different locations and customizable periods of time. Specific luminaire data, for example, grid voltage and driver temperature, can be tracked over a period of time. Device network analytics is also an integral part of this tool.

Smart City Platform - Analytics
Smart City Platform - Notifications


An application design for the local asset manager/maintenance crew, the Notifications tool offers near real-time status information of every individual or group of luminaires. Faults and outages are automatically registered, and notifications are sent to the assigned person to undertake action. This tool is currently a part of the Command Centre.


Smart Street Lighting - Intuitive User Interface

Intuitive User Interface

Each application in CityManager smart city platform is carefully designed so that users can easily understand and use it. Multilingual option is also available.

Smart Street Lighting - Perfect Controllability

Perfect Controllability

The platform allows remote configuration, monitoring, management and control of all your smart lighting infrastructure, providing real-time lighting information.

Smart Street Lighting - Map-based Visualization

Map-based Visualization

Outdoor lights are represented on a graphical interface on Google Maps, coordinated with GPS technology that enables you to locate, monitor and control individual lighting points with ease.

Secure and Reliable Smart City Platform

Secure and Reliable

Advanced VPN and data encryption technology ensure that the system operation and information transfer meet and exceed international standards of safety and security.

Smart Street Lighting - Accurate and Real-Time Data

Accurate and Real-Time Data

Data and analytics are generated per an individual light point or a group of points. The platform provides automatic analysis and evaluation of lighting data including status reporting and failure alerts.

Smart Street Lighting System - Automatic Failure Reporting

Automatic Failure Reporting

The platform can identify several lighting-related faults and automatically send failure reports, which results in reduced maintenance costs and extended lamp lifetime.

Open Ecosystem for True Smart Cities

Our CityManager Smart City Platform is built around Open API (and TALQ 2.0), and thanks to it, it is possible to seamlessly integrate different IoT applications into your ecosystem. For instance, our complete smart lighting solutions can be integrated with smart traffic, smart surveillance, smart waste management, smart parking or any such system into your preferred asset management solution, smart city platform, or integrated command and control center (ICCC).


Smart City Software


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