The Scan & Go mobile app enables fast, easy commissioning of the TVILIGHT intelligent lighting solutions.
The app allows the user to add and configure TVILIGHT’s street light controllers and gateways. It is a handy tool for street light installers and system integrators during the installation of TVILIGHT’s products on the field.

Download the App

The Scan & Go app is available for iOS and Android phones and can be downloaded at the following locations.

How does it work?

Step 1

Download the Scan & Go app from the Play Store or App Store on your mobile phone.

Step 2

Login with your User ID and password and select your Organization and Group.

Don’t have an ID? Email at

Step 3

Add a device by tapping on the “+” button. Scan the QR code and then select the type of device. Add the device name and pole name. Select the type of ballast, luminaire, gateway and profile. Add comments, if any.

Note: The location of the device will be fetched automatically through your phone’s GPS.

Step 4

Finally, tap on the save button to register the device in the CityManager light management platform.


Rapid Commissioning

Project commissioning is put on a fast track thanks to GPS positioning and real-time connection between the app and the CityManager.

Effortless Deployment

Deploying Tvilight networks doesn’t require a specialist training or lighting industry knowledge. Finalizing the commissioning can be done remotely from anywhere.

Integrated Scanner

Integrated barcode scanner enables a mistake-free and automated project commissioning. Adding the device name and its serial number is an automated process.

Real-time Management

Real-time management of Tvilight Gateways and controllers. Effortless addition, replacement or deletion of devices.

Intuitive Interface

Intuitive and simple graphic interface, based on Google Maps, with standard and satellite view enabled.

Comprehensive Overview

Enjoy a comprehensive overview of the network thanks to real-time data about all connected Tvilight devices.

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