Tvilight is a proven technology and innovation partner that offers high-quality, market-leading solutions for intelligent outdoor lighting control. Together with our global network of business and project partners, we accelerate the adoption of smart street lighting and promote the creation of smart, livable and sustainable cities.

Strategic Partners

Some of our Clients

Why partner with us?

We are interested in partnering with medium-sized and big companies that are producing outdoor lighting equipment and would like to strengthen their offer with the possibility of intelligent, adaptive lighting.

The Time is Right

Dimmable lighting is gaining momentum, with companies increasingly choosing it over the conventional lighting solutions.

Short Time to Market

Our products are based on a proven, perfectly operational technology that is ready to be applied.

Improved Proposition

Through integrating our controllers into your luminaires, you are getting a cutting-edge product that is relevant to current market needs.

Continuous Support

We offer comprehensive technical and sales training to your personnel to improve their knowledge of Tvilight products and facilitate the sales of luminaires with our controllers.

White Label Possibility

Depending on the case, our products can be offered under a white label.

We are interested in partnering with companies that supply outdoor wireless and sensor components to be used in intelligent lighting products or other devices.

Technical Know-How

We are offering unique wireless and sensor components that were created to meet the demanding requirements of contemporary lighting industry.

High Quality

Our components are developed in-house and produced in the Netherlands; they comply with international certification norms.

We are interested in partnering with companies that provide integrated, comprehensive technical solutions in the domain of electrical and mechanical engineering, automation, advanced sensor technologies, infrastructure and lighting management, and others. Such companies can benefit from making Tvilight’s intelligent lighting controls and/or software a part of their solution.


Tvilight is a leader in intelligent outdoor lighting, having developed and pioneered a unique patented technology for managing outdoor lights based on presence detection.


We are producing high-quality, fail-proof hardware and software that have been proven successful in numerous projects around the world.


We possess an outstanding technical in-house expertise in intelligent street lighting.


We are seeking to meet individual client needs; white label production and exclusive product configurations can be discussed.

Tender Support

Tvilight can advise on making a competitive tender offer.

We are interested in partnering with software vendors who would like to increase the functionality of their portfolio with the software developed by Tvilight.

Expand Your Portfolio

Strengthen your product portfolio by adding the intelligent lighting control software.

Easy Integration

Our software is based on open standards and is perfectly compatible with the third-party applications via APIs.

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