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Smart Street Lighting Empowers Smart Cities

Cities / Municipalities

Embracing our smart street lighting solutions helps administration to:

  • Operate citywide lighting centrally
  • Save energy
  • Reduce operational and maintenance costs
  • Minimize CO2 emissions
  • Lower light pollution
  • Maximize public safety and satisfaction
  • Create a livable environment
  • Build a foundation for a smart city
Smart Street Lighting for Cities-Municipalities
Smart Street Lighting for System Integrators

System Integrators

Our smart street lighting solutions are Open, Interoperable, Secure and Future-Ready. This means that system integrators can effortlessly collaborate our solutions with any of the third-party smart city systems they wish to incorporate in a particular city. Alternatively, we can also integrate third-party systems into our ecosystem.

Luminaire Manufacturers

We understand that some countries adhere to Zhaga (book 18) standard while others adhere to NEMA standard. That is why, we offer street light controllers in both Zhaga and NEMA variants, so that luminaire manufacturers can easily integrate them into their lamps and create a cutting-edge product that is relevant to current market needs.

Smart Street Lighting for Luminaire Manufacturers
Smart Street Lighting for Smart City Consultants - Advisors

Smart City Consultants / Advisors

Our smart street lighting solutions are based on Open Standards and Open API, allowing seamless integration with 3rd party hardware as well as software. Smart City consultants can count on our solutions without worrying whether they will work with other IoT applications.

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