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Street Light Motion Sensor - Reduce Maintenance Costs
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Intelligent street light controllers to help upgrade regular street lights to smart street lights. Quick to install, our street light controllers help monitoring and controlling public lighting on individual basis as well as on group basis. Serving as an ideal foundation for Smart City applications, our outdoor lighting controllers (OLC) create an energy-efficient, safe and livable environment.

SkyLite Prime

Innovative Smart City Street Light Controller

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Smart Wireless Lighting Control

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OpenSky NEMA

Smart NB-IoT Street Light Controller – NEMA Socket

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OpenSky Zhaga

Intelligent NB-IoT Street Light Controller – Zhaga Socket

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Cabinet Control

Smart Group Control Solution for Street Lighting

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IoT Gateway

Robust & Secure Networking Hardware for IoT Devices

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RF Mesh and IoT Options

RF Mesh and IoT Options

  • Self-configuring and self-healing 2.4 GHz mesh network.
  • Low-power wide area network (LPWAN) IoT (NB-IoT, LTE Cat M1 and 2G) telecom network.

Provision for Motion Sensor

  • CitySense Plus
  • CitySense Lite
  • D4i based motion sensor
  • LSI based motion sensor
Provision for Motion Sensor
Various Mounting Options

Various Mounting Options

  • Zhaga
  • NEMA
  • External
  • Internal

Supports Different Dimming/Switching Protocols

  • 0-10V
  • DALI
  • DALI 2.0
  • D4i
  • SR
  • Dexal
Supports Different Dimming
Universal Luminaire Compatibility

Universal Luminaire Compatibility

Our smart controllers work with all kinds of street lights from different manufacturers:

  • Metal Halide Lamps
  • High Pressure Sodium Lamps
  • Low Pressure Sodium Lamps
  • LED Lamps
  • Modern Lamps
  • Designer Lamps
  • Heritage Lamps

Attractive return on investment

With a quicker payback, Tvilight’s intelligent street light controllers are perfect for upgrading your citywide street lighting.

By installing intelligence in your existing or new street streets, you achieve total control over your public lighting. You also significantly improve your energy savings and minimize operating and maintenance costs.

Additionally, you create an ideal foundation to host diverse IoT systems and start your journey toward becoming a true smart city.

Attractive return on investment


Full Remote Management & Control - Intelligent Street Lighting

Full Remote Management & Control

You can monitor and control street lights with intelligent controllers through our own software, CityManager, or any suitable third-party software.

PIR Street Light Motion Sensor

Automatic Notifications

Receive all the updates concerning your street lighting network, as well as automatic status updates or fail alerts, via e-mail or our CityManager software.

Easy to Install

Most of the smart street light controllers are plug-and-play products that can be integrated easily into the existing or new lighting infrastructure.


You decide when, where and how the street lights turn on. Our street light control system is fully programmable, allowing you to create customized schedules to power on / off the street lights.

Advanced System Analytics

When combined with a smart driver, our smart street light controllers deliver powerful, actionable data about luminaire health and electric grid.

It's Never too Dark

Ambient Light Sensor

The integrated ambient light sensor (ALS) enables the tailoring of street light brightness based on the naturally available ambient light.

Third-Party Compatibility

Thanks to open standards and open APIs, our intelligent street light controllers are interoperable with third-party systems and applications.


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