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IoT Gateway - Smart Street Lights
IP 67 + UV Protection
IoT Gateway - Smart Street Lights - OTA
Over-the-Air Updates
IoT Gateway - Smart Street Lights - Connectivity
4G, 3G, WiFi,
Ethernet Connection
IoT Gateway - Smart Street Lights - Network Configuration
Auto Network Configuration

Gateway for Smart Street Lights

Tvilight’s Gateway is a state-of-the-art network interface device which bridges the outdoor lighting controller network (CitySense/ SkyLite) to the Smart City platform (CityManager or similar third-party software).

The Gateway has an in-built radio module for wireless network configuration, commissioning, and maintenance. It acts as a data concentrator to reliably communicate with a large number of devices spread across large distances. Several internet connectivity options offer robustness and flexibility.

The Gateway for smart street lights encloses advanced industrial components for optimized performance worldwide.

IoT Gateway for Smart Street Lighting - Intelligence On-Board

Intelligence On-Board

With a powerful ARM Cortex-A9 1-GHz CPU, Tvilight Gateway performs quick computation locally and enables faster communication between devices and our TALQ-certified Smart City Platform.

Self-Forming, Self-Healing Network

Using a self-configuring, self-healing and secure 2.4 GHz mesh network, the Gateway can communicate with up to 200 street light controllers and motion sensors.

IoT Gateway for Smart Street Lighting - Network
IoT Gateway for Smart Street Lighting - Connectivity Options

Multiple Connectivity Options

Keeping unique needs in mind, Tvilight Gateway is designed to offer connectivity via:

  • Ethernet
  • WiFi

Highly Secure

  • Gateway to Device communication uses AES 128-bit encryption
  • Gateway to Light Management Software communication uses Secure WebSocket (WSS Protocol RFC 6455)
Highly Secure IoT Gateway for Smart Street Lighting
Robust IoT Gateway for Smart Street Lighting


Suitable for the harsh outdoor environments, Tvilight Gateway is built to last. It can withstand heat, snow, rain and dust.

Over-the-Air Updates

Keep your smart street lighting infrastructure healthy with enhancing functionality update deployed directly to the Gateway over the air.

Upgrade your Gateway with new features or address security fixes without going to the field and laboriously carrying out updates to each device.

IoT Gateway for Smart Street Lights - OTA


IoT Gateway for Smart Street Lights - In-built SIM card
In-built SIM card (optional) for plug-and-play application
IoT Gateway for Smart Street Lights - Economical Solution
Pay for one SIM card for all the devices in the network
Smart Street Lighting - Manage All Devices
Manage all the networked devices with a single Gateway
IoT Gateway for Smart Street Lighting - Auto Network Config
Auto network configuration without manual intervention

Customer feedback

We wanted to accomplish a few things, namely reducing energy consumption at the stations and lowering light pollution for people living in the area. At the same time, we wanted to ensure public safety. Tvilight’s solution combined this beautifully.

Eelco KrakauContract Manager, Dutch Railways

JCL is using the Tvilight solution in County Kerry, which is the first installation of its kind in Ireland. The solution has proven to be very successful, enabling us to achieve 60% savings on energy. It’s a very impressive technology.

Philip CurneenDirector and Program Manager at JCL

Tvilight’s adaptive lighting control is an excellent solution; it has allowed us to save energy as well as manage the street lights remotely. I truly believe that this is the future for the Netherlands, Europe and the world.

Robin BrekelmansProject Manager, Municipality of Nuenen

I am really satisfied with the result. By using LED streetlights and dynamic dimming, we save more than 60% of the energy previously spent on street lighting. This is a major achievement.

Stephan KikkertProject Leader, Municipality of Texel

The beauty of the TVILIGHT solution is that it doesn’t compromise public safety in any way. The true light-on-demand helps to keep the streets safe while minimizing the light pollution.

Haye MensonidesCommercial Director of Dynniq

Technology is developing rapidly within public lighting. That’s why we choose Tvilight intelligent street lighting solution that is future-proof. Connected lighting will play a central role in the future.

Sander KlijnstraMunicipality of The Hague

The combination of new LED streetlights, dynamic dimming, and remote control options offered by TVILIGHT is an optimal investment because it helps us save energy while improving public safety and security at the port.

Bas van den BoschProject Manager, Port of Moerdijk

Classic streetlight design and integrated intelligence do not have to be mutually exclusive. We combined classic streetlight design with Tvilight’s wireless lighting control options to help The Hague meet its unique goals.

Pieter VisserAccount Manager at DE NOOD

Tvilight: The 'talking' streetlamps that will lighten your heart (but not your wallet). It is a first step to Smart Cities...

Daisy CarringtonCNN

We aim at becoming a Digital City with greater connectivity and information access for the citizens as well as the tourists. With intelligent lighting solution, this vision became a reality. Our city is benefiting in every aspect – from safety and security, to easy access to information.

Shikhar AgrawalGovernment of Rajasthan

Many youngsters visit the cinema, the skating ring, sports facilities and pubs during late evening hours. Sometimes they move in group, but often alone, and then good lighting is essential for a better sense of safety. This is an excellent initiative for the bicycle highway.

Abdrahman LabsirCity Council Member at Youth and Prevention (Mechelen)

Wireless smart lighting system was selected as most the preferred solution. It improves illumination and safety, reduces cost and cuts CO2 emissions. Due to the system’s openness and flexibility, it also offers a foundation to host innovative systems that would help us become a smart city.

Meinolf PflugCity of Dortmund

Individual light management and control provide unprecedented flexibility. Performance of all the street lights is clearly visible in the light management system. Together with smart monitoring, this provides an unprecedented degree of transparency for the operator of the installation. This is what future smart light looks like today!

Jan WiesemannProject Manager at Trilux


IoT Gateway for Smart Street Lighting - Multiple Devices

Supports numerous devices in a single network

A single Gateway can communicate with up to 200 street light controllers and motion sensors. This means, you can monitor and control up to 200 smart street lights with a single Gateway.

IoT Gateway for Smart Street Lighting - Robustness

Advanced industrial components for optimized performance

To ensure high-quality performance, the Gateway has advanced industrial components that function exceptionally and last long.

IoT Gateway for Smart Street Lights - Secure Connection

Secure end-to-end communication

The Gateway uses AES 128-bit encryption while communicating with the devices and a standardized WebSocket protocol while connecting with our light management platform.

IoT Gateway for Smart Street Lights - Surge Protection

High in-built surge protection

To protect the Gateway from over-voltage damage, there is a high in-built surge protector right inside the device.

IoT Gateway for Smart Street Lights - Connectivity

LTE/WiFi/Ethernet connection

To address the different needs of different cities, the Gateway offers multiple connectivity options, including ethernet, WiFi and LTE (GPRS/EDGE/3G/4G).

IoT Gateway for Smart Street Lights - Robust & Weather Resistant

IP67 + UV protection

Tvilight Gateway is robust and weather resistant. With IP67 and UV protection, the Gateway can last a very long time, even in the harsh outdoor environments.


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