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Complementary Products to complete your Smart Streetlight Control System

SkySwitch NEMA Photocell

Tvilight SkySwitch NEMA is a state-of-the-art street light photocell that autonomously controls street lighting based on the ambient lighting level of the surroundings. Sits on the top of a luminaire, SkySwitch tracks the brightness of the environment and turns a street light on or off as the situation demands. A standardized NEMA (ANSI C136.10) interface ensures a swift, tool-free installation.

NEMA Photocell - Smart Street Lights
Zhaga Photocell - Smart Street Lights

SkySwitch Zhaga Photocell

Tvilight SkySwitch Zhaga is an innovative and energy saving photocell that enables street light switching based on the naturally available ambient lighting level of the surrounding. Compact and elegantly designed, it beautifully blends with the modern LED luminaires. Utilizing the Zhaga Book 18 and SR Driver capabilities, SkySwitch Zhaga delivers enhanced lighting control and data collection. The standardized Zhaga Book 18 interface also ensures quick, tool-free installation.


NEMA 7-Pin Receptacle

The Tvilight NEMA 7-pin receptacle provides a mechanical and electrical interconnection between an ANSI C136.41 outdoor lamp controller and street luminaire. Ideal for smart street lighting, the NEMA 7-pin socket is available with four dimming contacts to support either 0-10 VDC analog dimming or DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) dimming as well as possible connection of motion sensor. The receptacle is constructed of durable material (Bakelite) and comes with silicon gasket to maintain water tightness and IP rating of the luminaire.

NEMA 7-Pin Receptacle - Smart Street Lights
NEMA Shorting Cap - Smart Street Lighting

NEMA Shorting Cap

Tvilight NEMA Shorting Cap offers a safe, easy and an economical way to close the primary electrical circuit path that runs across a receptacle on an outdoor lighting fixture.

Shorting Cap is a mandatory component for NEMA Receptacle based Street Lighting fixture – prior to the installation of a smart outdoor lamp controller or a photocell. Shorting Cap also helps mark luminaires for maintenance and keep lights ‘on’ continuously for safety.

Our Shorting Caps are UL listed and ANSI compliant. Devices are constructed of UV stabilized material and feature an IP66 rating for harsh outdoor environments. Product comes with long design life and 10 years standard warranty.


Overvoltage and Undervoltage Protector

Tvilight’s automatic over-voltage, under-voltage protection (OVP) device safeguards LED streetlight as well as the lamp controller from extreme grid voltage fluctuations. If the mains voltage exceed threshold, the OVP quickly and reliably cuts-off the circuit momentarily to achieve electrical protection as well as ensure personal safety. Modular and compact design helps to install the OVP inside the junction box (at the bottom of the street pole). It is a highly recommended product for areas where the grid-voltage could fluctuate more than 10%.

Over Voltage - Under Voltage Protector - Smart Street Light


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