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IoT Street Light Controller - Open Connectivity
Open Cellular Network
IoT Street Light Controller - Gateway Free
Gateway Free Installation
Pole-Mount Controller - Controls up to 4 LED Fixtures
Controls up to 4 LED Fixtures
Street Light Controller - Works without NEMA or Zhaga Receptacle
Works without NEMA or Zhaga Receptacle
Street Light Controller - Smart City Ready
Smart City Ready

Pole-Mount Street Light Controller

Our OpenSky IoT Pole-Mount smart street lighting controller (SLC) uses open standard telecom network. Use of cellular network allows the IoT controller to connect directly to a local cell tower (2G/ 3G/ 4G/ NB-IoT). This eliminates the need for dedicated Gateways.

A single luminaire controller is suitable for single, dual or four-arm poles and does not rely on NEMA or Zhaga receptacle.

OpenSky IoT Pole-Mount light controller is a perfect smart city street lighting solution that is economical to deploy throughout your city.

Open Standard Cellular Network - Pole-Mount Street Light Controller

Open Standard Cellular Network

Public infrastructure demand high reliability and security. Therefore, OpenSky IoT OLC (outdoor light controller) uses standardized 3GPP cellular network to connect an individual street light to our light management platform.

OpenSky outdoor light controller automatically selects the best available local connectivity: Edge (EGPRS), LTE Cat M1 or NB-IoT (NB2).

Cellular networks comply to highest global security standards. It is used by billions of devices today. They offer long range, deep coverage, high availability and managed Low Power Wide Area network (LPWAN).

Gateway Free Installation

Unlike proprietary network providers (e.g. LoRA, Sigfox, Zigbee, Wi-Sun and UNB), OpenSky street light controller connects directly with our light management platform via local cellphone tower.

There is no need for local Gateways. This in turn significantly reduces cost and hassle of maintaining a local network infrastructure, since local operators manage and maintain the network.

IoT Luminaire Controller - Gateway Free Installation
Auto-Commissioning - Pole-Mount Street Light Controller


In-built GPS within OpenSky light controller supports automatic registration. This helps a local electrician to install the controllers without an expert knowledge/ training.

  • No need for a field application tool
  • No network engineering needed
  • OpenSky automatically receives its geo-location through:
    • GPS
    • Galileo
    • QZSS

Individual Light Management

Different parts of a city have different road lighting requirements. Individual light management through OpenSky outdoor light controller offers incredible flexibility.

Each luminaire can be individually switched and dimmed using custom light scenes. Vice versa, luminaires send meaningful alerts for smart and efficient maintenance.

Individual Light Management - Pole-Mount Street Light Controller
IoT Controller - Advanced Lamp Switching and Dimming

Advanced Lamp Switching and Dimming Options

Cities often have different types of luminaires and drivers. Power grid infrastructure may also vary across the city. OpenSky IoT controller offers you excellent flexibility with selecting suitable light profiles to meet local requirements:

  • Twilight (photocell/ ambient light sensor)
  • AstroClock (astronomical clock)
  • Time-based light scene
  • Calendar-based schedules
  • Central ALS (photocells in city)
  • Adaptive (motion sensor)
  • Emergency (HiLight app)
  • Autonomous mode

Suitable for Single, Dual or Four-Arm Poles

With OpenSky IoT Pole-Mount street light controller, cities do not need to change their existing LED fixtures. Our street lighting controllers will work with any kind of LED fixtures, whether it is single armed, dual armed or four armed.

  • Control up to four LED luminaires (including switching and dimming) with a single controller
  • Total load capacity: Max. 480W
  • Works with luminaires without NEMA or Zhaga receptacle
Suitable for Single, Dual or Four-Arm Luminaire - Pole-Mount Street Light Controller
Energy Analytics and Luminaire Health Monitoring - Pole-Mount Street Light Controller

Energy Analytics and Luminaire Health Monitoring

With inbuilt energy meter, you can accurately monitor and measure the energy usage and performance status of your street lights in our Smart City Software, CityManager.

  • Grid Voltage
  • Mains Current
  • Power (Active, Apparent)
  • Power Factor
  • Energy Consumed (Active, Reactive)
  • Lamp / Driver Operating Time
  • Driver Temperature
  • Driver Stat Counter

Supports Multiple Dimming Protocols

  • 0-10V analog
  • 1-10V analog*
  • DALI
  • DALI 2.0
  • D4i
  • SR

*Max. 480W

Support Multiple Dimming Protocols - Pole-Mount Street Light Controller
Smart City Ready - Pole-Mount Street Light Controller

Smart City Ready

  • Works with a range of IoT and Smart City systems
  • Selected examples:
    • Cisco Kinetic
    • SWARCO ImCity
    • SixData luxData.light
    • Montad Moon

Single CMS for Citywide Lighting

OpenSky Pole-Mount street light controllers are fully compatible with CityManager, an interoperable central management software (CMS). CityManager supports all the roadway lighting control requirements:

  • Individual Lamp Control (IoT and Mesh network)
  • Group Control (feeder pillar/ control cabinet)
  • City Skyline/ façade lighting control
  • Open API interface (for smart city and asset management)
  • TALQ 2.0 Certified
Single CMS for Citywide Lighting - Pole-Mount Street Light Controller


Smart Street Lighting - Energy Savings

Up to 60% energy savings and CO2 prevention

Ability to dim street lights automatically through pre-defined schedules or other dimming options maximizes energy savings and also helps reduce CO2 emissions.

Maintenance Cost Reduction - Smart City Street Lighting

Up to 50% reduction in maintenance costs

Proactive alerts/notifications for faults, alarms and outages help optimize maintenance and reduce costs by up to 50%.

Smart Street Lighting - Full Remote Management & Control

Total control of entire lighting infrastructure

Monitor, manage and control each individual light point or a group of street lights remotely from a single location.

Smart Street Lighting - Lower Light Pollution

Lower light pollution

During the off-peak hours, street lights can be dimmed to a pre-defined low level. Thereby reducing light pollution and benefitting nocturnal life.

Customer feedback

We wanted to accomplish a few things, namely reducing energy consumption at the stations and lowering light pollution for people living in the area. At the same time, we wanted to ensure public safety. Tvilight’s solution combined this beautifully.

Eelco KrakauContract Manager, Dutch Railways

JCL is using the Tvilight solution in County Kerry, which is the first installation of its kind in Ireland. The solution has proven to be very successful, enabling us to achieve 60% savings on energy. It’s a very impressive technology.

Philip CurneenDirector and Program Manager at JCL

Tvilight’s adaptive lighting control is an excellent solution; it has allowed us to save energy as well as manage the street lights remotely. I truly believe that this is the future for the Netherlands, Europe and the world.

Robin BrekelmansProject Manager, Municipality of Nuenen

I am really satisfied with the result. By using LED streetlights and dynamic dimming, we save more than 60% of the energy previously spent on street lighting. This is a major achievement.

Stephan KikkertProject Leader, Municipality of Texel

The beauty of the TVILIGHT solution is that it doesn’t compromise public safety in any way. The true light-on-demand helps to keep the streets safe while minimizing the light pollution.

Haye MensonidesCommercial Director of Dynniq

Technology is developing rapidly within public lighting. That’s why we choose Tvilight intelligent street lighting solution that is future-proof. Connected lighting will play a central role in the future.

Sander KlijnstraMunicipality of The Hague

The combination of new LED streetlights, dynamic dimming, and remote control options offered by TVILIGHT is an optimal investment because it helps us save energy while improving public safety and security at the port.

Bas van den BoschProject Manager, Port of Moerdijk

Classic streetlight design and integrated intelligence do not have to be mutually exclusive. We combined classic streetlight design with Tvilight’s wireless lighting control options to help The Hague meet its unique goals.

Pieter VisserAccount Manager at DE NOOD

Tvilight: The 'talking' streetlamps that will lighten your heart (but not your wallet). It is a first step to Smart Cities...

Daisy CarringtonCNN

We aim at becoming a Digital City with greater connectivity and information access for the citizens as well as the tourists. With intelligent lighting solution, this vision became a reality. Our city is benefiting in every aspect – from safety and security, to easy access to information.

Shikhar AgrawalGovernment of Rajasthan

Many youngsters visit the cinema, the skating ring, sports facilities and pubs during late evening hours. Sometimes they move in group, but often alone, and then good lighting is essential for a better sense of safety. This is an excellent initiative for the bicycle highway.

Abdrahman LabsirCity Council Member at Youth and Prevention (Mechelen)

Wireless smart lighting system was selected as most the preferred solution. It improves illumination and safety, reduces cost and cuts CO2 emissions. Due to the system’s openness and flexibility, it also offers a foundation to host innovative systems that would help us become a smart city.

City of Dortmund

Individual light management and control provide unprecedented flexibility. Performance of all the street lights is clearly visible in the light management system. Together with smart monitoring, this provides an unprecedented degree of transparency for the operator of the installation. This is what future smart light looks like today!

Jan WiesemannProject Manager at Trilux


IoT Controller - Each Controller Controls up to 4 LEDs

Each Controller can Control up to 4 LEDs

Control multiple LED luminaires with a single controller (total max. up to 480W). Proves to be an economical solution for wide deployment.

IoT Controller - Suitable for Single, Dual and Four-Arm Poles

Suitable for Single, Dual and Four-Arm Poles

No need to change the existing LED luminaires. The controller can easily mount on single-arm, dual-arm or four-arm poles.

Smart Street Lighting - Improved Safety

Integrated Ambient Light Sensor

Integrated photocell (twilight sensor) enables street light switching based on the naturally available ambient light.

IoT Luminaire Controller - Auto Commissioning

In-Built GPS

Inbuilt GPS helps to automatically geo-locate and commission an individual street light. This eliminates need for an in-field commissioning tool, network engineering and crew training.

IoT Luminaire Controller - Secure Connection

Secure Reliable LPWAN Communication

The controller uses open standard LPWAN cellular communication: Edge (eGPRS), LTE Cat M1, LTE Cat-NB (commonly termed as 2G/ 4G/ NB-IoT (NB2)). It consumes less power, offers deep coverage and enables secure and efficient local communication, making it a reliable pole-mount street light controller for your smart city.

Smart City IoT Controller


Easily create custom light profiles for your OpenSky smart street lights with Tvilight CityManager or 3rd party light management software (LMS). You have total control on when, where and how the lamps turn on/ dim.

IoT Outdoor Controller - Versatile Dimming

Versatile Dimming Control

OpenSky IoT Pole-Mount street light controller supports ambient light sensor, astro-clock, calendar-based, adaptive and autonomous dimming.

Interoperable Street Light Control System

Advanced Health Monitoring

When combined with a Smart LED Driver, the controller delivers powerful, actionable data about the energy grid and luminaire health. This information supports local lighting operators with fault analysis, asset lifetime prediction and budget planning.

Smart Street Lighting - Proactive Alerts/Notifications

Timely Notifications

Receive all updates concerning your smart street lighting infrastructure via email or through our CityManager software platform. It helps take quick restorative actions before citizens get a chance to complain.

Street Light Controllers - OTA

Over-the-Air Update

OTA is essential for street light controllers. In particular, security updates / patches are mandatory. With OpenSky IoT, you can update the software in matter of minutes, rather than weeks or months.

Weather Resistant - Pole-Mount Street Light Controller

Weather Resistant

Outdoor application demands robustness and weather resistance. With IP66 rated housing, the OpenSky controllers can last a very long time, even in the harsh outdoor environments.

IoT Controller - Tilt Sensor

Last Gasp

During unexpected power outages, in-built supercapacitor helps saving safety data to local memory.


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