A powerful central management system for street lighting control that offers unique features like no other systems available on the market

Compelling Visual-based Analytics Dashboard

Essential data in clear informative formats helps you easily understand your street lighting infrastructure. Discover how your citywide lighting is performing with accurate visuals for:

  • Power usage
  • Savings
  • Combined Savings
  • Lamp Operating hours
  • Controller operating hours
  • Sensor triggers
Central Management System - Analytics

Adjust Motion Sensor Parameters

Tweak how your motion sensor should precisely work. As per the requirements, make changes to its:

  • Sensitivity
  • Delay
  • Direction
  • Hold time
  • Light rate up
  • Light rate down

Daily Email Notifications

Right message to the right person. Critical notifications will never be overlooked with automated daily emails, containing vital street light reports such as:

  • Fault light report
  • Daily savings report
  • Daily consumption report

Also includes a direct link to the concerning device in Command Centre map view.

User Rights Management

Right control with the right person. Decide who can access the central management system with which level of permission. A user can have:

  • Read only access
  • Admin access
  • Custom access, such as:
    • Device management
    • Lighting profile creation
    • Analytics only

Advanced Energy Monitoring

Discover how much energy street lights across a district or a particular neighborhood/street is consuming and at what time.

  • Specific luminaire / controller operation hours
  • Power usage for specific day, week, month or year
  • Driver temperature
  • Input voltage
  • Input power
  • Input current
  • Power factor

Customizable Light Logics

Offer right light at the right time with customizable light logics. Adjust lighting with or as per:

  • AstroClock
  • Ambient Light Sensor
  • Motion Sensor
  • Schedules
  • Group Controls
  • Weather & Traffic*

Visualize Entire City’s Lighting

A beautiful visual representation of your lighting profile, you will be able to see when exactly your citywide street lights will turn on, adjust illumination and turn off at different times between the sunset and sunrise.

Historical Reports and Logs

Finetune the overall performance of your lighting infrastructure with the help of detailed historical reports and logs. Address faults by tracking similar issues that had occurred in the past.

Valuable Heatmaps

Make your citywide data, gathered from street light motion sensors, comprehensible and actionable with heatmaps. By analyzing heatmaps, you can offer better lighting or perhaps optimize traffic of a particular region.

Set Neighbor Lighting

Set Neighbor Lighting

Create a safe circle of light around a road user.
With accurate map view of all the devices, you can easily locate and set/program the corresponding street lights, which will trigger upon human detection.
The feature is only available with motion sensor street lighting solution.

View Network Formation

Discover how the devices are connected to each other in a particular region.
See the network formation of your smart street lighting.
Optimize or troubleshoot coverage by assigning the device to the adequate parent device.

Mobile App for the Field Crew

A complementary mobile app to help the field crew during device commissioning.
Helps field crew geolocate devices correctly to resolve issues.
Available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Regular Updates

A system designed to work precisely the way you want. We constantly keep an eye on customers’ inputs and feedback, and based on the requests, we regularly introduce new features and functions to our software suite.


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