Cloud-based Smart Street Lighting makes a Prestigious Residential Area in Oman Energy-Efficient, Modern and Sustainable

With the cloud-based smart street lighting solution, Muscat Hills management committee is able to:

  • Gain control over every light point
  • Enhance energy efficiency
  • Improve nighttime safety
  • Lower light pollution and carbon footprint
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Create a base for Smart IoT Applications

Customer Challenge

Save energy, improve visibility and safety, and become environmentally sustainable

Muscat Hills is a premium residential area in Oman with a total landscape of 1.2 million square meters. There are 363 residential units in Muscat Hills, which are surrounded by a stunning golf course and greenery with pleasant views of a calm environment.

Although the neighborhood had solar street lights in place, due to inadequate installation, they were not performing optimally, leading to increased maintenance costs and reduced efficiency. These solar street lights didn’t offer the required illumination or sometimes remained off, compromising the safety of the residents.

The management of Muscat Hills wanted to address these issues, and wished to have an effective and environmentally sustainable lighting solution that aligns with green practices.

The goal of Muscat Hills management was to create a livable neighborhood, where streets at night are energy efficient, safe and environmentally friendly.

Cloud-Based Smart Street Lights - Muscat Hills - Oman
Cloud-Based Smart Street Lights - Oman


Cloud-based smart street lighting

The entire solar street lighting installation has been replaced with high-quality LED street lights, customized as per the preferences of the residents – by our partner IMTAC LLC. These new LED street lights are designed to host RF Mesh lamp controllers from Tvilight as well as cameras from a third-party supplier.

The RF Mesh lamp controller (SkyLite Prime) connects individual light point directly with Tvilight CityManager, an advanced TALQ-certified cloud-based street light management platform. Through CityManager, the Muscat Hills management can now monitor all the street lights and set ideal illumination for different periods of night to achieve maximum energy savings, lower electricity bills and reduction in the carbon footprint, while ensuring highest safety and comfort for the residents.

The CityManager platform also offers automatic alert / fault notifications, enabling the management to address the potential issue quickly and efficiently, and reduce the overall maintenance costs.

Furthermore, thanks to the openness of the entire cloud-based smart street lighting system, integrating third-party IoT applications is easy. Now, if the management wishes, it can easily integrate motion sensors, acoustic sensors, surveillance cameras or other applications into our smart lighting system.


Benefits from day one

The implementation of the cloud-based smart street lighting system yielded significant benefits for Muscat Hills.


  • Energy Savings: The new system resulted in 50% to 70% energy savings compared to the previous solar lighting system, contributing to a more sustainable and cost-effective solution
  • Reduction in Maintenance Costs: With improved efficiency and remote monitoring capabilities, maintenance costs were significantly reduced, leading to long-term financial savings
  • Remote Monitoring and Controlling: The central management system allowed for remote monitoring and controlling of each street light, providing real-time insights and the ability to respond promptly to changing conditions
  • Improved Visibility and Safety: The new smart LED street lights enhanced visibility while also contributing to a safer environment for residents through better-lit streets
  • Base for Smart IoT Applications: The implemented infrastructure provided a foundation for hosting additional smart IoT applications, such as motion sensor, noise sensors and surveillance cameras. This further contributed to making the neighborhood technologically advanced and safer


The transformation of Muscat Hills with a cloud-based smart street lighting system proved to be a successful venture. The collaboration between Tvilight and IMTAC successfully addressed the challenges faced by the inadequate solar lighting system in Muscat Hills. The transformation resulted in substantial energy savings, reduced maintenance costs, and improved safety. This project fulfilled the immediate needs of Muscat Hills while also positioned the neighborhood for future technological advancements and smart city initiatives.

The transition to a cloud-based smart street lighting solution has been a game-changer for us. The energy savings and reduced maintenance costs have been remarkable, and the enhanced safety and visibility have been well-received by our residents. We're excited about the potential for future IoT applications thanks to this new infrastructure.

Muscat Hills Committee Member

Since the installation of the new smart LED street lights, our community feels much safer at night. The improved visibility has made evening walks a pleasure, and it's comforting to know that the management can monitor and control the lights remotely.

A Local Resident

We are thrilled to see the transformative impact our cloud-based smart street lighting solution has had on Muscat Hills. This project is a testament to our commitment to providing innovative, energy-efficient, and sustainable lighting solutions. Working with IMTAC LLC has been a rewarding experience. IMTAC's professionalism, experience with system integration and drive for excellence is remarkable. We look forward to working with IMTAC and supporting Oman's smart city vision.

Chintan ShahChairman, Tvilight

Project Summary

Location: Muscat Hills, Oman
Client: Muscat Hills Management Committee
Application Area: Residential Area
Products: SkyLite Prime RF (lamp / street light controller), CityManager (light management platform)