Smart Solar Street Lights Illuminate Red Sea (Saudi Arabia)

Smart solar street lights with motion sensors at Shurayrah Island’s main access points brighten only in human presence, improving public safety and protecting the local biodiversity.

Biodiversity considerations take a center stage of this project. Conservation of mangroves and other habitats is important. Excessive artificial lights are not ideal. Turning street lights off is also not an option. Motion sensing smart solar street lights proved to be a perfect solution to balance safety and sustainability.

The Red Sea Development Company

Customer Vision

Coral Bloom on Shurayrah Island in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is among the world’s most ambitious regenerative tourism projects, designed to blend in with the island’s pristine natural environment. With hotels, lagoons and beaches, the project is designed to protect and promote precious nature of Shurayrah Island.

Avoiding light pollution was necessary for the development parties, as light pollution affected both the biodiversity as well as tourist attractions to the island.

While excessive light hampers the growth of flora and fauna, eliminating it completely compromises the safety and comfort of travelers. The development parties preferred a smart lighting system that could balance environment’s sustainability with travelers’ safety.

Smart Street Lighting in Saudi Arabia
Smart Streetlights Benefit Wildlife

It’s one of the unique projects where equal importance is given to environment and people’s safety. Motion sensor based smart solar street lighting is an ideal solution here. Thanks to adaptive safe circle-of-light created through motion sensors, travelers’ feel safe and comfortable, while exploring this beautiful island in the evening hours. At the same time, significant energy is saved and considerable light pollution and carbon footprint is prevented.

Chintan Shah, Founder and Chairman at Tvilight


Customer opted for grid-independent smart solar LED street lights from our partner Indsecom (a prominent local system integrator), including Tvilight’s state-of-the-art smart light controllers and motion sensors.

With smart street light system in place, the street lights now brighten to an ideal level only when a human is detected. When there is no one in the vicinity, these street lights remain to a preset dim level, thereby eliminating light pollution and benefitting the biodiversity.

Tvilight also provided intuitive smart light management platform, CityManager, to help the lighting operator monitor, manage and control individual street light from a centralized location. The platform offers proactive alerts / notifications feature, which allows the lighting operator to locate and identify faults and address them swiftly, turning reactive maintenance to proactive maintenance.

The CityManager platform is Open and TALQ certified, built with interoperability in mind. Therefore, the Red Sea Development Company can now seamlessly integrate it with any third-party Smart City applications whenever the need arises.

Smart Solar Street Lights Benefits

With smart solar street light system including motion sensors from Tvilight, Shurayrah Island is able to provide excellent illumination, only where and when it is necessary, enabling:

  • Significant reduction in light pollution, safeguarding the island’s biodiversity
  • Increase in safety, thanks to light-on-demand
  • Exceptional energy savings
  • Reduction in electricity waste and subsequent carbon footprint
  • Lower operational and maintenance costs
  • A strong foundation to host diverse IoT and smart city applications
Smart Solar Street Lighting with Motion Sensors

Project Summary

Location: Shurayrah Island, Saudi Arabia (West Coast)
Project Partner:  INDSECOM
Clients: TRSDC, Foster + Partners
Application Areas: Bridges and Causeways
Products: SkyLite Prime, CitySense Lite, CityManager

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