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A city of bright ideas

Creating a more sustainable world means taking many small, yet vital steps. Street lighting is an important piece of technology, which accounts for 6 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, embracing innovative new street light technology is taking a vital step towards a sustainable future. Illuminating 9.2 kilometres of road and pathways is an experiment that understands the need for improved street lighting.

Lined up alongside Alfred Priess at the DOLL is Tvilight. Tvilight’s intelligently designed streetlights react to the environment around them, only brightening when pedestrians or vehicles are present. They also react to different weather conditions. The lights may be individually programmed to reduce their brightness during specific off peak hours. This intelligent awareness means saving on both energy and money, whilst still providing a safe haven of light for pedestrians. Tvilight is aware that conventional street lighting costs Europe 27 million euros a day and aims for its technology to become widely used to save money. They claim their technology saves 50% on maintenance costs and 80% on energy costs, whilst making cities greener and giving them greater natural lighting.

By Christopher Vautrinot

Published on May 14, 2014