The Port of Moerdijk is the fourth largest seaport in the Netherlands. This port is important not only as a European transportation hub, connecting the Netherlands to the rest of the world but also as an industry terrain home to hundreds of companies. Because many businesses located here continue working around the clock, there is a need to keep the terrain well-illuminated at all hours to make sure the visitors and employees always feel safe and comfortable.

However, the Port of Moerdijk aims to evolve into one of the most sustainable ports in Europe and make its outdoor facilities energy-neutral by 2030, which requires focusing the attention on energy conservation. Because a large share of the electricity consumption goes into powering outdoor lighting at the port’s industry terrain, optimizing outdoor illumination is key to achieving the Port’s energy and sustainability targets.

Intelligent Lighting at Dutch Port

Combining LED streetlights with smart controls and remote management software delivers an optimal return on investment and excellent savings.

Bas van den BoschProject Manager, Port of Moerdijk

Customer Priorities

Balance between “people, planet and profit”

Bright illumination at the port’s industry park has been a source of energy waste and light pollution, especially during the late-night hours when the number of visitors is usually at its lowest.

Bas van den Bosch, Project Manager at the Port of Moerdijk adds: “We wanted to cut down the electricity use for outdoor lighting but we also wanted to provide people with enough light to feel safe and comfortable. We want to achieve more when it comes to street lighting, safety, and energy cost reduction.”

What if the port could dim the outdoor lights but not at the cost of public safety? What if the light levels matched the actual human presence? Luckily, Tvilight and Dynniq could offer the Port Authority a comprehensive connected intelligent lighting solution based on a state-of-the-art smart sensor that combines public safety with savings.

Intelligent Lighting at a Sea Port


Human-centric intelligent lighting with Tvilight CitySense

Tvilight provided the Port of Moerdijk with its patented, industry-leading connected lighting solution consisting of sensors, wireless controls, and online management software CityManager.

A combination of in-built sensors allows this wireless outdoor lighting controller to detect human presence in real-time and adjust the brightness of streetlights automatically (the effect known as “light on demand” or “dynamic dimming”). Each CitySense unit triggers a number of streetlights in front of the approaching user. Unlike with other products on the market, the brightening of the lamps happens gradually, resulting in a creation of a safe circle of light that “follows” the occupant on his or her journey.  This allows delivering a seamless experience to the drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians at the Port’s industry terrain.

Using the Tvilight CityManager software, the lighting manager at the Port monitors and controls all connected streetlights remotely from a computer dashboard. Intuitive user interface, system insights, and an array of other helpful features help deliver better outdoor illumination and stay in control of the lighting infrastructure. Furthermore, the outdoor lighting network laid at the industry terrain is a perfect foundation for a Smart City. Thanks to Open APIs, the Tvilight system can be connected to third-party hardware and software solutions, which empowers the Port with the flexibility to use new applications.

Intelligent Lighting at Port of Moerdijk


Green Seaport
Green Seaport

Connected intelligent lighting helps this port reduce its environmental footprint and meet its ambitious sustainability targets

Intelligent Street Lighting - Dynamic Dimming
Improved Safety

There’s always an adequate amount of light to make the port users feel safe and comfortable. Security personnel can remotely spot the areas where any activity is taking place

Intelligent Street Lighting Saves Energy
Reduced Energy Wastage

In the absence of people, the lights dim down automatically. This enables energy savings and improves the lamp runtime

Intelligent Lighting - CMS
Complete Remote Control

CityManager enables the port to monitor, manage and control its entire outdoor lighting infrastructure remotely

Smart Lighting - Smart City Ready
Open API

Intelligent lighting based on the Open API is a perfect base for connecting the upcoming IoT and Smart Seaport applications