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Helmond is a historic city in North Brabant, the Netherlands, with about 90,000 residents and more than 25,000 public lighting points. The city is known as a knowledge hub and a living lab for the automotive industry, where many companies design, develop and launch innovative new transport technologies. As a growing industrial city, Helmond has been facing several challenges. First of all, the city needed to find ways to save energy and become more sustainable in its daily operations. Furthermore, the municipality wants to tackle the negative effects that street crime has on public safety and comfort. To achieve these goals as well as to enhance the attractiveness of the city, local authorities have focused attention on improving public street lighting.

Intelligent Lighting - Helmond

We want to make Helmond a smart city and a great place for people to live and work. Connected intelligent lighting is a logical step towards this goal.

Alfred GrootePublic Lighting Manager at the Municipality of Helmond
Intelligent Lighting - Helmond Municipality

Customer Priorities

Saving energy while improving safety

It is known that public safety and street illumination are linked: safer streets are the ones that are well illuminated. However, striving to provide citizens with sufficient lighting levels, cities typically end up with overly-illuminated streets where lights burn for hours without a single living soul around them. In short, cities spend on powering the streetlights that burn for nobody. At the same time, switching off the lights completely is never an option for reasons of public safety. This dilemma is well known to cities worldwide. As much as there is a need to save energy and cut costs, there is also an imperative to put citizens first and ensure their safety and comfort. How can municipalities save energy while ensuring citizen safety with the right amount of light?

Intelligent Lighting - Helmond


In 2013, the city started testing CitySense (Tvilight streetlight sensor) on selected locations and was quickly convinced of the benefits. Today, Helmond counts more than a dozen of intelligent / smart lighting networks extending across the city and continues to roll-out the solution further.

Because the streets are safely illuminated, the attractiveness of public spaces and the city in general increases. The use of motion-based intelligent lighting allows the citizens and visitors to experience and enjoy the true “light on demand” and other smart lighting benefits.

Connected intelligent lighting makes the roadways, residential neighborhoods, pedestrian zones, bicycle paths, and other areas safe. Illumination is always tailored to the actual human presence. At the same time, the new intelligent lighting solution helps Helmond reduce its carbon footprint and save energy.

Intelligent Light Controller + Motion Sensor


Intelligent Lighting - CMS
Adaptive Lighting

CityManager allows setting the right levels of light for each luminaire based on time, road type and citizens needs

Smart Lighting - Luminaire Independent
Luminaire Independence

Helmond uses a variety of luminaires, all of which can be controlled, managed and monitored via Tvilight’s CMS

Smart Lighting - Smart City Ready
Smart City Ready

Open APIs allow Helmond to integrate multiple third-party sensors, software and applications

Best Smart Lighting Solution
Trusted Partner

Helmond has applied Tvilight’s intelligent lighting on more than a dozen of locations across the city

Improved Public Safety with Smart Street Lighting
Public Safety

CitySense Plus delivers true “light on demand,” combining public safety with excellent energy savings