Connected Intelligent Street Lighting for Public Roads


The Vlaardingerdijk and Burgemeester Knappertlaan are one of the most important public roads in Schiedam. They serve as a major traffic artery, connecting Schiedam to the neighboring city Vlaardingen. Local authorities were looking for a highly reliable intelligent street lighting control solution that would allow the city to save energy while preserving the safe and comfortable driving experience on these roads. Tvilight was able to provide the city with such a solution.

Intelligent Street Lighting

The best thing about intelligent street lighting systems from Tvilight is that they are easy to commission and offer excellent remote monitoring options. Because of these advantages, we would definitely recommend the solution to other municipalities.

Martin VerhaalPublic Lighting Manager at the Municipality of Schiedam

Customer Priorities

Energy savings and remote control

The Municipality was particularly dissatisfied with two things: high energy consumption of the conventional street lights as well as the inability to monitor and read the street lighting infrastructure remotely. Martin Verhaal, who is responsible for public lighting, traffic, and parking systems at the Municipality, explains: “We wanted to save energy and gain more control over our street lighting infrastructure. That’s why we chose Tvilight intelligent street lighting technology for the city.”

Intelligent Street Lighting - Schiedam
Intelligent Street Lighting - Schiedam


For the project, the city chose Tvilight’s motion sensing street light controller CitySense. CitySense is a market-leading wireless street lighting controller with an integrated motion-based sensor.

Whenever the controllers detect a moving vehicle, the street lights along the road are brightening back up to 90%. The automatic brightness adjustment, known as “light on demand”, allows the city to slash lighting energy consumption while maintaining the lighting levels that are required for a safe driving experience.

Martin Verhaal: “Intelligent street lighting allowed us to achieve precisely what we wanted: streets that are better illuminated, in an economical way. Intelligent street lights are the future.”


Optimized Maintenance

City controls street lights via CityManager, benefiting from preventive care and operational cost savings

Livable City

Adaptive lighting helps to save energy, reduce CO2 emissions, and make local traffic conditions safe and sustainable

Smart Lighting - Smart City Ready


Open APIs make intelligent street lighting networks a perfect base for upcoming IoT and Smart City applications

Intelligent Street Lighting - Dynamic Dimming

Safe Traffic

Street lights stay dimmed only when there are no cars detected. There is always sufficient light to make driving a safe experience

Quick Installation

Project installation is put on a fast track: Tvilight technology is plug-and-play and requires minimum civil works