Citizens cherish the colourful outdoor lighting in the
picturesque town of Monheim


Wouldn’t it be amazing if the streetlights in your town center and public parks adapted colours based on local festive events? The town of Monheim am Rhein (Germany), home to over 40.000 citizens, adopted Tvilight’s smart RGBW lighting solution, enabling the municipality to create a pleasing ambiance for the local citizens as well as for the tourists.

Benefits of smart colourful street lights include:

  • Remotely create colourful light scenes to match special events in the town
  • Inspire citizens to spend more time outdoors
  • Attract tourists
  • Achieve exceptional energy savings
  • Reduce operating and maintenance costs
  • Prevent light pollution and CO2 emissions
  • Protect local flora and fauna
  • Create a foundation for IoT and Smart City applications to realize its “Monheim 4.0” goals
Smart Colourful Street Lighting - Monheim

Using modern digital solutions, such as smart streetlights, we are improving the quality of life of our citizens as well as Monheim’s attractiveness as a location for business.

Daniel Zimmermann, Mayor of Monheim
Smart Street Lights - Monheim, Germany


  • For several years, the town of Monheim had traditional street lights, which burned all night causing significant energy usage and light pollution.
  • Because the street lights were non-connected, there were no means to identify unexpected faults or control lighting to match with the town’s festive or local events.
  • The town wanted to address these challenges through a smart solution that is modern, future-proof, open, environmentally friendly, and needs/ location-oriented.


The Mayor as well as Monheim’s administration believe in making the town better and a more attractive place where citizens enjoy a great quality of life. For that reason:

  • The town was searching for an all-inclusive best-in-class solution that would offer an easy way to control and manage the entire public lighting infrastructure.
  • The administration wished to have a future-proof and open solution that would allow them to monitor the infrastructure, as well as set a base for Smart City and IoT applications.
  • The citizens also desired colourful street lighting in the city center, which would create a nice ambiance, especially during the festive events.
Colourful Street Lights - Monheim
Smart Street Lights - RGBW

Colourful street lights create a pleasing environment for citizens and visitors. Colours inspire citizens to spend more time outdoors. This is the first-of-kind RGBW smart street lighting project and Monheim is perhaps the first town in Europe to have such a solution. We are convinced that Monheim implementation will inspire other towns and cities to adopt colourful smart lighting solutions.

Heide Jeuken, CEO Tvilight


TVILIGHT, together with our partner Lehner Leuchten (Selux), offered Monheim an intelligent RGBW street lighting solution through industry standard Zhaga Book 18 controller.

  • The solution was quick and easy to deploy thanks to the standardized interface and enabled the operator to have total control of the public lighting infrastructure.
  • With an intuitive web application suite, the town can now remotely schedule lighting as per the requirements and reduce energy waste, light pollution and carbon emissions.
  • The town can even change the colours of the street lights to match local festive events, making the streets more attractive and citizens happier.
  • With the proactive alerts/notifications features of our smart street lighting solution, the operator now can quickly address any faults, outages or alarms. This helps reduce maintenance costs and keep the lighting infrastructure up to date.
  • Finally, because the entire Tvilight system is open and future-proof, the town now has the ability to integrate a variety of Smart City IoT applications that allow the administration to realize its “Monheim 4.0” goals.

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