Safe, Energy-Efficient & Eco-Friendly University Campus

Are you a facility manager looking for an energy-efficient solution for your university campus? Did you know that with smart street lighting, you can significantly minimize your energy bills, and at the same time, increase the safety and comfort of your students, lecturers and staff.

Motion sensor smart street lights offer “on-demand illumination”. In other words, right amount of light, at the right time and at the right place, beautifully balancing between energy usage and general safety.

Benefits of Smart Street Lights for Schools, Colleges and Universities

Immediate Reduction in Energy Bill

Education institutions spend billions on energy every year. Outdoor lighting accounts for a reasonable part of this energy bill.

Through smart dimming / switching of street lights in the campus, institutes can significantly lower the energy consumption (and thereby the electricity bill) on lighting by as much as 80%.

Smart Street Lighting for University
Smart Street Lighting - Eco-Friendly Campus

Make Campus Eco-Friendly

Smart street lights provide right amount of light only where and when it is needed. This reduces energy waste and eventually carbon footprint. Smart lighting also helps minimize light pollution, benefitting both students and nocturnal animals.

Improve Safety of Students

Parents often stress on campus safety when it comes to picking an education institution for their child. Smart street lights help make campuses safer and comfortable for students.

  • Smart lighting can automatically identify outages, thereby minimizing the downtime for dark campus areas.
  • Smart street lights can act as a “backbone network” for additional sensors, such as acoustic or IP cameras, which directly help boost campus security.
  • Smart street lighting offers better illumination at the right time at the right place, improving the visual sharpness of security cameras.
  • Motion sensor smart street lights activate to full intensity only when a human is detected – they help security personnel identify activities from far away.
Smart Street Lights - Safe Campus
Smart Street Lights for University

Reduce Operating and Maintenance Costs

Operating and maintaining street lights on a campus can be expensive. Smart lighting efficiently addresses this issue.

  • Smart lighting helps extend the life of luminaires by reducing the burn hours and dimming the light intensity through schedules or motion sensors.
  • Smart lighting system also helps identify which street light is broken, where it is broken, and when it is broken – helping initiate swift corrective actions and keeping the lighting infrastructure in a peak condition.

Case in Point

Royal Holloway, University of London

Tvilight’s smart motion sensor street lighting system on the campus creates a safer, greener, and more productive setting for students, faculty, and staff.


Enhance safety and comfort
Achieve energy efficiency

As UK’s one of the top 25 universities, Royal Holloway, University of London, has over 10.000 students from over 100 countries. In order to improve the safety perception and comfort of everyone traversing through the common tree-lined paths – connecting lecture halls, canteen, and student accommodation – in the evening hours, the university wished to upgrade its lighting infrastructure to provide better illumination.

At the same time, the university also wanted to conserve energy and nature. It aimed at becoming one of the safest and most eco-friendly universities by investing in cutting-edge technologies that are beneficial to all – students, lecturers, college staff, and the university itself.

Smart Street Lights - UK

For students, life revolves around the campus as they move between lecture halls, libraries, labs, eateries, sports facilities, and halls of residence. With a busy schedule, personal safety is the last thing they need to worry about. We want to give every student a safe and comfortable environment so that they can focus on learning and experience great campus life.

Royal Holloway, University of London
Motion Sensor Smart Street Lighting for University

We are delighted to support University of London to make their Royal Holloway campus environmentally friendly as well as safer. Student safety is crucial at any university campus. Adaptive street lighting helps to beautifully combine safety with savings.

Chintan Shah, Chairman, Tvilight


Smart Street Lights with Motion Sensors

For better illumination, the university first decided to upgrade its conventional lights to high-quality LED street lights. Thereafter, it chose Tvilight’s award-winning street light motion sensor, CitySense Plus, to enable intelligence on those LED street lights.

CitySense Plus has an inbuilt luminaire controller and a wide detection range with a smart algorithm, which only detects humans and filters out interference elements such as small animals, birds, wind, rain, and snow.

With a smart motion sensor street lighting control system in place, the street lights at the university campus illuminate to an ideal level only when a human is detected. When there is no activity in the vicinity, the street lights remain dimly lit. This on-demand adaptive lighting system, therefore, beautifully balances safety perception and energy consumption. Light pollution and carbon footprint are also reduced with dynamic smart street lights.

Tvilight also offered a powerful street light management platform, CityManager, to help the university monitor and control individual street lights remotely. Now the university can see the performance of every street light and adjust the illumination level as per the need. Furthermore, with the automatic alerts/notifications feature, the university can easily identify and locate faults and address them quickly. This helps reduce operating and maintenance costs as well as keep the lighting infrastructure in a pristine condition. The platform also features heatmaps, which highlight paths that are frequently used, helping the university plan better amenities on those routes.

The CityManager smart lighting platform is open, interoperable, and TALQ-certified, enabling the university to incorporate various IoT technologies if needed, such as acoustic sensors and IP cameras, to further boost campus safety.

Project Summary

Location: Egham Hill, United Kingdom
Client: Royal Holloway, University of London
Project Partner: Siteco
Application Areas: University Campus
Products: CitySense Plus (Street Light Motion Sensor), CityManager (Central Management Platform)

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