Motion Sensor Smart Street Lights make Industrial Park in Germany
Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly

Award-winning street light motion sensors with built-in controller and feature-rich light management system from Tvilight enable the Innovationspark Rheinland (Rhineland Innovation Park), in Grafschaft, Germany, to save energy and conserve nature and wildlife.
Along with lowering operational and maintenance costs, the smart lighting solution minimize energy wastage, light pollution and carbon emissions, making the park environmentally friendly yet technologically advanced.

Since the lights burn at a pre-defined minimum level when no people or vehicle are in the vicinity, the park reduces the power consumption significantly. Through the combination of LED street lights and motion sensors, this industrial park not only saves energy but also protects nature and local wildlife.

Innovationspark Rheinland

Customer Vision

Improve Lighting & Become Eco-friendly

The Rhineland Innovation Park, home to Haribo confectionery, which is famous for its Gummy Bear candies, had conventional lighting infrastructure. The 60-150 watts incandescent light bulbs were a source of enormous energy waste, offered poor illumination and were environmentally harmful. The park aimed to improve the overall lighting situation and become eco-friendly.

Smart Street Lights - Grafschaft - Germany
Motion Sensor Smart Street Lights - Grafschaft - Germany

Energy efficiency is important. At the same time, safety of the road users and local wildlife cannot be neglected. Tvilight’s motion sensor smart lighting proves to be a perfect solution for such instances. Thanks to on-demand adaptive lighting, road users will always have adequate light when they are using the road at night, making them feel safe and comfortable. When the road is vacant, street lights dim to a pre-defined minimum level. This significantly saves energy and minimizes the subsequent carbon footprint. Considerable light pollution is also prevented, benefitting the nocturnal wildlife.

Heide Jeuken, CEO, Tvilight


Smart Street Lights with Motion Sensors

The park was searching for a smart lighting solution that would save energy and at the same time protect the environment and local wildlife. The park wished to have a versatile solution that would allow it to manage individual light points and fine-tune lighting requirements, which help balance between energy usage, public safety and environment impact.

To achieve this, the Municipality of Grafschaft chose revolutionary street light motion sensors, CitySense Plus, from Tvilight. The motion sensors offer “Light-on-Demand”, creating a “safe circle of light” around the road user. In other words, the street lights brighten to a pre-defined level only in the presence of human. The adjacent street lights also keep on brightening as the road user moves along the track, keeping them virtually in a circle of light.

When there is no human activity on the streets, the street lights remain dimly lit. The result is exceptional energy savings without compromising public safety and comfort. Subsequent carbon emissions are also lowered, and light pollution minimized, benefitting both the environment and local wildlife.

Tvilight also offered its TALQ-certified smart street light management system, CityManager, which allows the operator to monitor and manage each street light on the park. Now the park can remotely adjust lighting requirements, balancing the energy usage, public and wildlife safety, as well as the environment. Furthermore, due to the openness of the Tvilight platform, the park has the ability to integrate a host of IoT systems, making it eco-friendly and technologically advanced.

Benefits of Motion Sensor Street Lights for the Industrial Park

The on-demand smart street lighting control system at Rhineland Innovation Park delivers the following benefits:

  • Ideal illumination where and when it is needed
  • Remarkable energy savings
  • Safer roads
  • Reduction in light pollution and carbon footprint
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs
  • Strong foundation to host diverse IoT systems to make the park technologically advanced and eco-friendly
Motion Sensor Smart Street Lights - Germany

Project Summary

Location: Innovationspark Rheinland, Grafschaft, Germany
Project Partner: LUNUX GmbH
Clients: Municipality of Grafschaft
Application Areas: Industrial Park Roads
Products: CitySense Plus, CityManager

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