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Global lighting specialist OSRAM invests in leading Dutch startup TVILIGHT

TVILIGHT, a spin-off of the Technical University Delft in the Netherlands, and nowadays an innovative high-tech company and a market leader in intelligent street lighting solutions for Smart Cities and the Internet of Things, announced the successful completion of the investment round. Growth finance came from OSRAM, a global leader in lighting technology who acquired a minority stake in the company. Furthermore, the original investor Ponooc who backed Tvilight with seed investment in 2012 continues to participate in the company.

By investing in Tvilight, Osram responds to the growing demand for connected, energy-efficient, and intelligent street lighting in cities. The partnership will allow Osram to tap into the knowledge and experience that Tvilight has acquired in connected street lighting networks.

“Tvilight offers a great software platform for the municipalities to realize their smart city vision. Equipping our luminaires with intelligence enables us to extend our portfolio of lighting solutions for cities and provide superior value to our customers. Tvilight’s software is the optimum extension that allows our lighting networks to become the foundation for a smart city infrastructure. By partnering with Tvilight, we create value beyond pure illumination, extending our services into traffic management, air quality monitoring, and many other areas.”

Eladia Pulido, Head of Osram Lighting Solutions

The landmark investment heralds a new era for Tvilight and enables the company to strengthen its market leadership positions and further expand into Smart Cities and the Internet of Things.

By Webredactie Communication

Published on November 4, 2016

From: TU Delft