How smart lighting is revolutionising how we relate, live and work

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Like smartphones, smartwatches and thermostats, home light bulbs and lighting systems have grown exponentially smarter over the past couple of years.There is now a wide range of intelligent and connected lighting solutions that you can install in your home and control with your smartphone or even automate with simple programming.

“This technology has proven that it is possible for cities to cut power consumption by up to 80% and reduce maintenance costs by up to 50%.”


Tvilight is a market leader in the development of intelligent street lighting systems, currently serving over ten countries around the world. The company has developed smart street lighting systems that feature remote management and wireless control of outdoor lights. Their patented presence technology is an adaptive control feature that provides on-demand lighting, meaning that the right amount of light is produced when and where it is needed.

By Daniel

First published on November 18, 2015 at 11:50 am