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Streetlights that only light up when needed

Tvilight, based in The Netherlands is working to better an ongoing issue within Europe; their power expenditure. Research has shown that Europe spends 13 billion per annum powering street lights, which translates to 40 percent of their total energy costs. Tvilight has made it their purpose to cut this cost by 80 percent with the productCitySense.

Developed through a collaboration with Delft University of Technology, CitySense uses intelligent wireless sensors paired with LED lights that work in unison to detect people, cars and bikes. During predetermined off-peak hours where there is both minimal foot and car traffic, the lights dim to a specific level. The sensor, that is compatible with existing and new street light fixtures, communicates with the lights so they adjust when a person or car has entered the precinct. The lights will change from a dull light to full brightness. “This results in substantially reduced energy consumption in a safe and comfortable manner.”

By Courtney van der Weyden

Published on July 24, 2013