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The backbone of smart cities

In the ongoing global effort to reduce energy consumption, entire cities have now committed to switching from using high-pressure sodium or metal halide street lighting to more efficient, more reliable white-light LED alternatives.

‘Smart lighting will be a part of the “smartification” of cities,’ agreed Jörg Kupferschlaeger, specialist for outdoor lighting at Osram. ‘In the future, sensors or cameras for movement detection and other purposes may also be included in the luminaires of city lights or attached to the mast to improve the lives of not only the public, but also the people who work with and maintain these systems.’

Osram recently acquired a 47.5 per cent share of Dutch firm Tvilight, which specialises in the software of intelligent lighting and the potential for it to be used to communicate and interact with other systems.

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By Electro Optics

Published on January 29, 2018

From: Electro Optics