Streetlights in parking lots are major contributors to energy waste and light pollution, especially if they burn all night when there is no one in the surroundings.
Located on the outskirts of Groningen, the Park+Ride (P+R) transit hub is a large outdoor parking lot, used by thousands of people daily. Commuters park their cars here before they switch to public transport to continue their journey. Approximately 10% of the cars stay at the P+R throughout the night. The area relies on more than 100 lamps that burn bright during the dark hours.

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Outdoor lighting accounts for more than one third of our total energy usage. We want to achieve energy savings and lower our maintenance costs.

Harry van der WalEnergy Manager, City of Groningen


Municipality of Groningen wanted to optimize the energy use in the P+R area. The city knew full well that efficient outdoor lighting is key to ensuring the safety of cars and passengers. Meanwhile, the local community was dissatisfied with the excessive and unnecessary bright lighting in the area. The city needed a solution that would allow dimming the lights without compromising public safety.

Smart Lighting for Parking Lots


The City Council opted for Tvilight’s dynamic lighting solution and installed CitySense units throughout the parking lot. Now, during the off-peak hours, the lights are dimmed down to 20% of their capacity. As soon as human presence is detected, all the lights surrounding the occupant glow to full brightness, embracing the person in a warm circle of light.The City Council also adopted Tvilight’s remote monitoring and control software, CityManager, to collect statistical data and failure reports.

The results are astonishing. The city has achieved energy savings of 54% on its conventional lighting and the community has hailed the city’s efforts and given positive feedback about their experience.



  • Over 50% energy cost reduction
  • Reduced maintenance costs of up to 50%
  • Excellent reduction in energy usage without compromising safety
  • Fits into ‘Smart City’ vision
  • Energy data and failure reports through CityManager


  • Feel safe, and are not afraid to leave their cars parked all night
  • On-demand lighting
  • Reduced skyglow


  • Significant reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Reduced light pollution