Scheveningen is one of the residential districts of The Hague and a popular tourist destination. Walking through its cozy old streets, local residents and visitors enjoy a charming, timeless atmosphere. That’s why a lot of attention is paid to selecting the right streetlight design for this special location, and classic lighting is often a perfect fit. However, the Municipality of The Hague was interested in more than just great design. The city set the bar high requesting a lighting solution that would combine pleasant aesthetics with improved energy performance, dynamic lighting, and remote streetlight control options. To address the customer challenge, DE NOOD, leading provider of classic streetlight design in the Netherlands, teamed up with Tvilight.

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“We combined classic streetlight design with wireless lighting control options. This pioneering concept is at home in The Hague, a beautiful historic city where the newest technology applications complement the rich architectural heritage. Classic streetlight design and integrated intelligence do not have to be mutually exclusive.”

– Pieter Visser, Account Manager at DE NOOD

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The new streetlight concept offered by Tvilight and DE NOOD merges intelligence with attractive aesthetics. The design is context-specific because it respects the look and feel of the area. At the same time, these streetlights are boasting the cutting-edge lighting control technology: thanks to the integrated motion sensors, the lamps automatically adjust their brightness based on real-time human presence. This technology allows the city to slash electricity use and maintenance costs. CityManager allows the municipality to monitor the entire lighting network remotely.

In the sphere of public lighting, technology is developing super-fast. That’s why when we are choosing an intelligent street lighting solution, we are carrying out pilot projects first to ensure that the system is really future-proof. In Scheveningen, we are testing a modern Tvilight intelligent lighting system integrated into a classic streetlight design. One thing is clear to me: intelligent street lighting systems will be playing a central role in the future.

Sander KlijnstraMunicipality of The Hague