Tralee is a town in the west of Ireland, famous for its annual festival, the Rose of Tralee. With a little more than 20.000 inhabitants, the medieval town is situated in the green surroundings of County Kerry, enjoying a quiet and historic feel. The county was planning to renew its outdoor lighting infrastructure. As a result, County Kerry requested JCL Engineering Services come up with a sustainable street lighting solution that would prioritize public safety.

JCL is using the Tvilight solution in County Kerry, which is the first installation of its kind in Ireland. The solution has proven to be very successful over the past twelve months both for the citizens and the municipality. We used a meter system in parallel with the Tvilight solution and have determined that 60% savings on energy have been achieved. These savings can be increased further by applying timed dimming profiles through the CityManager. This is a very impressive technology and JCL looks forward to working with Tvilight in the future.

Philip CurneenDirector and Program Manager at JCL


Going green for County Kerry meant reducing CO2 emissions, saving energy, and reducing light pollution. The city needed a technology that would help implement its strategy. Working with the local groups, Kerry County transformed an old railway line into a walkway. Primary attention was paid to citizen safety during the darker hours.


Tvilight strengthened the lighting infrastructure with the wireless sensing lighting controllers CitySense, which allowed to cut down the energy use, minimize light pollution, and create a safe public space. Because the location is mostly deserted during the night, there is no need to keep the lights burning at full capacity around the clock. This makes it a perfect case for dynamic dimming. Thanks to Tvilight’s presence detection technology, the lights automatically adjust their brightness according to real-time human presence.

The municipality didn’t even need to replace the lamps, because Tvilight plug-and-play controller CitySense works well with both old and new (LED) lighting fixtures.

CitySense units detect moving objects such as cars, cyclists, and pedestrians. Based on the anticipated movement, a number of streetlights brighten up to 80% of their full capacity. When there is no movement and bright lights are no longer needed, the streetlights intelligently dim to a predefined brightness level of 20%. The level of brightness can be configured through the web-based management software CityManager. Thank to this software, the municipality is timely notified about maintenance issues and lighting-related failures.



  • Significant reduction in energy usage without compromising public safety
  • Remote management, control and monitoring of the lighting infrastructure through CityManager
  • Reduced maintenance costs up to 60%
  • Positive public image


  • Maintained sense of safety
  • Light on demand
  • Preservation of the historic characteristics of the town
  • Reduced skyglow


  • Significant reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Reduced light pollution