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From firefighters to retailers: Internet of Things outside the home

By November 4, 2015April 6th, 2022No Comments

Towns and cities can also benefit from the low cost of sensors, and at a round-table discussion two excellent examples came up: one to save money, and one to reclaim lost city funds.

“Smartlocks, alarms and lighting are one thing, but the biggest IoT revolution could happen outside the home.”

Alan Martin

The first involves street lights: necessary for public safety, but hugely wasteful in their own way. Most streets don’t require illumination for the majority of the night, but are on anyway, wasting electricity, and costing both taxpayers and the planet. Tvilight fixes this problem, detecting nearby walkers and increasing the brightness only when necessary, ensuring that streetlights last longer, burn through less electricity and reduce costs by up to 80%.

By Alan Martin

First published on November 4th, 2015