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Smart Street Lighting

When nobody is in the area, street lamps do not need to shine very brightly. This is harmful to the environment, and it wastes considerable energy and money. The company Tvilight, owned by alumnus Chintan Shah, is therefore working to develop smart street lighting, in which multiple lamp posts communicate with each other.

Tvilight ensures adequate lighting that continually travels along with road users. “Road users therefore do not notice anything. When nobody is in the area, the lamps are dimmed”. This application will allow energy savings of up to 80%, and it will cut maintenance costs in half. It can be applied to both new and existing lamp posts. Shah started his company as a hobby in 2010. It now employs twenty people, and the technology is being used around the world. For example in Groningen, Assen and Nuenen and in various train stations, as well as in Ireland, Germany, Australia and, soon, the United States and Canada.

By Robert Visscher

Published on March, 2014