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Tvilight and Dynniq strengthen partnership, supply intelligent street lighting to Port of Moerdijk

Port of Moerdijk adopts connected intelligent street lighting to improve public safety and meet sustainability goals

Tvilight, market leader in intelligent street lighting, and Dynniq, high-tech innovative provider of integrated mobility and lighting solutions, announced today that the companies delivered intelligent street lighting technology and services to the Port of Moerdijk, fourth largest seaport in the Netherlands. The prestigious project further consolidates the partnership between TVILIGHT and Dynniq who have recently completed the deployment of Europe’s largest sensor-based connected lighting installation on the Dutch island of Texel.

“Light on demand” at the Port of Moerdik
Ports globally must find new ways of operation in terms of economic, social, and environmental development while also cutting operational costs, a lion’s share of which is associated with electricity consumption for heating and lighting. For the Port of Moerdijk, intelligent lighting technology has proven to be a promising way to address these challenges and more. With new connected sensor-based outdoor lighting, the Port can reduce the energy consumption for illuminating its impressive industrial site that spans more than 2600 hectares of land, enhance safety for employees and visitors, and improve overall sustainability.

Bas van den Bosch, Project Manager on behalf of the Port of Moerdijk, commented: “The combination of new LED streetlights, dynamic dimming, and remote control options offered in the first project phase by TVILIGHT and Dynniq is an optimal investment because it helps us save energy while improving public safety and security at the port.” Following a successful pilot of the Tvilight connected lighting solution, the Port will be equipping more than a thousand streetlights in its industrial park with intelligence.

“Our goal is to make the Port’s industrial site energy-neutral by 2030—intelligent street lighting is an important step in this direction.”

Henk Schakenraad, Program Manager Infrastructure and Maintenance at the Port of Moerdijk

Henk Schakenraad, Program Manager Infrastructure and Maintenance at the Port of Moerdijk, indicated: “For us, sustainability is a way of thinking and acting because we want to maintain the balance between people, planet, and profit. We strive to reduce the Port’s environmental impact by optimizing daily operations and saving energy whenever possible. Our goal is to make the Port’s industrial site energy-neutral by 2030—intelligent street lighting is an important step in this direction.”

André Meijer, Managing Director of Dynniq Mobility Netherlands: “The importance of intelligent street lighting for ports cannot be overestimated. While delivering immediate results, such as energy savings, this technology also unlocks new opportunities for Smart Ports and Industrial IoT. Thanks to Open API, the system can be easily connected to other solutions, which empowers the Port with flexibility to support countless new applications, such as scenario- and traffic management. With Tvilight and Dynniq, the Port is better prepared for the future.”

For the first phase of the project, TVILIGHT provided its industry-leading smart street lighting control system that includes wireless light controllers, motion sensors, and management software. Dynniq ensures the project roll-out and commissioning, overseeing everything from luminaire installation to setting-up of the lighting profiles attuned to the requirements for each location.


Tvilight is a European market leader specialized in sensors, wireless lighting controllers, and connected light management solutions for outdoor applications. Our products create an independent open network that allows integrating a multitude of third-party applications and thus constitute a reliable, future-proof base for Smart Cities and the Internet of Things. The company has an installed base of more than 250 projects globally and has deployed thousands of intelligent connected devices in iconic cities and critical infrastructure around the world. Tvilight’s international projects include Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Dutch Railways, Port of Moerdijk, Seoul, Beijing, as well as some of the biggest German cities such as Düren, Münster, Cologne, Dortmund, and Berlin.