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Dortmund uses Tvilight’s smart light management platform for monitoring, management and control of citywide street lighting infrastructure.


  • Over 50% additional energy savings (beyond the energy savings generated from LED street lights)
  • Significant reduction in maintenance costs, thanks to automatic alert and fault notifications
  • Open and interoperable solution enables the city to integrate IoT applications from different vendors to become a true smart city
  • Substantial reduction in CO2 emissions and light pollution
  • Project partners: Trilux and Lunux for LED streetlights, DEW21 for operations management, and SPIE SAG for installation

Amsterdam (08 June 2020) – City of Dortmund, one of Germany’s top 10 largest cities, faced outdated street lighting infrastructure, which resulted in poor illumination and increasing operating and maintenance costs. Inadequate illumination compromised public and traffic safety. The city council wanted to address this challenge, while simultaneously wished to become a sustainable, Smart City.

After an extensive market exploration process, Tvilight was chosen for this ambitious and one of the largest Smart City lighting projects in Germany. The decision was driven by Tvilight’s Open Standards and Open API based intelligent lighting solution as well as system flexibility, which promotes interoperability between different IoT systems. It proved to be a perfect fit for Dortmund’s requirements.

Centralized control for individual lights

Dortmund wanted to achieve full control over its public lighting infrastructure, including the ability to monitor and manage each individual light point remotely from a centralized location. This requirement is fulfilled with Tvilight’s intelligent lighting controllers and the intuitive light management system.

Tvilight’s smart street light control system ensures that new luminaires from Trilux and Lunux are able to adjust brightness as per the local requirements. This results in about 50% extra energy savings over the typical savings generated by switching over to LED lighting.

In case of fault in the luminaire fixture, LED driver or the power grid, the Tvilight light management system automatically notifies the system operator, so that they can initiate repairs before a citizen starts facing inconvenience. This not only improved the image of the city, but also made the lighting infrastructure better, significantly enhancing the overall safety of both public and traffic. And at the same time, it is helping to minimize the maintenance costs.

“Individual light management and control provide unprecedented flexibility.”

Jan Wiesemann, Project Manager, Trilux

Smart City ready

In addition to the total control over the public lighting infrastructure, the city of Dortmund expressed a strong desire to becoming a sustainable and smart city. It wished for a system that is flexible and open for future use.

Tvilight matched Dortmund’s requirements by offering an Open Standards and Open APIs based intelligent street lighting solution. Such a solution enables easy integration and interoperability between different Smart City IoT systems. Now, whether the city wants to integrate local twilight sensors into the light management system or create traffic based adaptive lighting, it can do so economically and effortlessly.

“Due to the system’s openness and flexibility, it offers a foundation to host innovative systems that would help us becoming a true Smart City. This is what future smart light looks like today! My colleagues from the neighboring city councils are impressed by the project results”

Mr. Meinolf Pflug, Dortmund City Council

The project rollout is ongoing with over 20.000 out of the 25.000 smart street lights have been installed and fully operational. The solution saves over 50% energy beyond the savings delivered by LED street lights. Furthermore, the solution has significantly helped preventing CO2 emissions, making the air cleaner and environment greener.

Read the complete Case Study.

About Tvilight

TVILIGHT PROJECTS B.V. is a European market leader specializing in motion sensors, wireless lighting controllers, and a complete portfolio of street light management software – to manage, monitor, operate and maintain citywide public lighting infrastructure. Our smart lighting platform and open API allow integration to city’s preferred software platform and thus constitute an open, reliable and future-proof base for Smart Cities and the Internet of Things. The company has installed over 600 projects globally across 20+ countries, including iconic cities and critical infrastructure around the world. Tvilight’s international projects include Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Dutch Railways, Port of Moerdijk, Seoul, Beijing, as well as some of the largest German cities such as Düren, Münster, Cologne, Dortmund, and Berlin. To discover more about us and our products, visit

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