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Chintan Shah, Tvilight presents: “Intelligent Lighting and Smart Cities”

By November 3, 2014February 7th, 2020No Comments

Intelligent lighting offers on-demand lighting resulting in savings of up to 80% and reduction in the operations and maintenance costs by up to 50%. Besides, when upgrading the public lighting, the cities must consider new opportunities and business models that are enabled by the smart streetlights (wireless controls and sensor technology). The street lights of the 21st century can be used for traffic management, smart parking, low-cost internet access, location-based information systems/ advertising, measuring air quality and charging electric vehicles, among others.

Tvilight is a market leader in intelligent lighting. The company specialize in wireless controls, outdoor sensor and the asset management software for the outdoor / streetlighting application. Based on patented motion detection, the product range offers on-demand lighting for locations such as residential areas, industrial zones, roadways and outdoor parking.

By Pieter Hermans

First published on November 3, 2014