Fulham partners with Tvilight for “first smart city controllable lighting”

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April 21, 2016 – Fulham Co., a supplier of lighting components and electronics, is partnering with Tvilight, a Dutch high-tech company dealing in sensors, wireless controls, and lighting management software, to deliver “fully programmable”, wireless outdoor LED systems for emerging smart cities.

“Tvilight offers a true next generation management system,” said Russ Sharer, vice-president of global marketing for Fulham. “They understand that the best solutions will start, not end, with lighting control. Their approach to smart cities, the embrace of open standards and the development of an application ecoSystem delivers the promise of ‘lighting as a platform’ today.”

The combination of Fulham’s WorkHorse LED outdoor drivers with Tvilight’s real-time broadband mesh networks enables users to capitalize on Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, using the cloud to manage lighting for cities, utilities, airports, railways, and other environments. Fulham and Tvilight say they recently demonstrated the world’s first networked LED driver for outdoor lighting fully integrated with SkyLite, Tvilight’s intelligent wireless lighting control system. Fulham also has just released a new series of WorkHorse LED outdoor drivers that are compatible with CityManager, Tvilight’s cloud-based smart city management platform for 802.15.4 networking, sensors, and lighting.

By Renée Francoeur

Published on April 21, 2016

From: Electrical Business