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Smart street lights offer more than better illumination – they provide a foundation for Smart City applications, help reduce costs, and create new revenue opportunities – highlights Intel’s Solution Brief

Intelligent street lights change the way municipalities manage cities while delivering exceptional energy savings.

Public lighting accounts for up to 40 percent of many cities’ electricity bills. Furthermore, electricity usage is expected to grow by 50 percent in the next two decades as more and more people will be shifting to urban areas.

By switching from halogen to LED, municipalities can achieve up to 50 percent reduction in energy usage. Adding smart street light controllers, which help adjust luminaire brightness based on predefined schedules, calendar events of ambient light levels, can yield an additional 20 to 30 percent energy savings. A total of up to 80 percent energy savings can also be achieved if municipalities opt for motion sensor smart street lights, which trigger luminaires output based on movement.

Smart Street Lights for Brighter Savings and Opportunity

Reference: Intel Smart Lighting brief (2017), Figure 2: the benefits of smart street lights far exceed basic lighting; they can lead to improved safety, better services, and new revenue opportunities.

Apart from saving money, cities can gain enhanced functionalities and capabilities. By using the existing street lighting poles, cities and utility providers can economically and easily add a variety of IoT and Smart City sensors. Intelligent street lights can help monitor public activities, weather conditions, traffic flow, or parking availability. Such street lights can be equipped with acoustic sensors to identify gunshots and alert the police or with automated license plate readers for street-level surveillance. With these capabilities, municipalities can improve operational efficiency, decrease cost, and increase citizen satisfaction. Municipalities can also create new revenue opportunities with intelligent street lights. For instance, leasing poles for EV charging or digital signage and other services.

Intelligent street lights are the future of public lighting. Many cities across the globe have already adopted smart lighting and are appreciating the benefits it delivers. Would you like to make your city safer, smarter and efficient? Contact us. We are a smart street lighting specialist. More than 800 towns and cities trust our intelligent street lighting solution.

Blog ReferenceSmart Street Lights for Brighter Savings– Intel Solution Brief (2017)

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