Münster adopts Tvilight intelligent lighting controls for Smart Cities

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Tvilight expands market reach, drives adoption of intelligent outdoor lighting in Germany

Tvilight has successfully expanded its installed project base to Germany by supplying intelligent lighting solutions to Stadtwerke Münster GmbH, the managing body behind critical public services such as energy supply and street lighting in Münster. With the population of more than 300,000 people, Münster is an important industrial, financial and cultural hub of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The city has a longstanding tradition of climate protection and sustainability, actively deploying advanced technologies to optimize energy use and cut down CO₂ emissions. Tvilight intelligent lighting solutions are now helping it to meet its ambitious environmental and energy goals while benefiting from a cutting-edge connected lighting infrastructure and smart city applications

“We are proud to be able to offer Stadtwerke Münster the latest Tvilight intelligent lighting innovation. Our wireless lighting networks help the city not only to minimize energy waste but also to leverage the possibilities of various extra smart city applications. For instance, the customer is already using a traffic density monitoring tool, which is part of the basic functionality of the Tvilight wireless sensor lighting controller CitySense.

We are delighted to have expanded our market reach to Germany, and we are particularly pleased to have Stadtwerke Münster as one of our first German customers. Tvilight will continue to drive the adoption of connected lighting in Germany, and we are looking forward to bringing our technology to other cities in this country.”

Kim Seyfert, Tvilight Partner Manager

Hansa-BusinessPark, where Tvilight intelligent lighting solutions have been installed, is a highly modernized technological location and one that is particularly suitable for dynamic lighting because the number of visitors there decreases significantly during the weekend and at nights. Tvilight intelligent lighting solutions fit perfectly into its infrastructure, offering dynamic on-demand lighting that responds to human presence. With a smart combination of Tvilight intelligent lighting controllers and CityManager software, Hansa-BusinessPark cuts down electricity used for street lighting, creates a comfortable environment for the visitors, and benefits from a connected lighting network that serves as a stable and trustworthy foundation for future smart city endeavors.

“Our main criteria during the selection process of a suitable lighting management solution was an open system because we do not want to be dependent on a single luminaire supplier. With Tvilight, we found a system that is not only open but can also control the lighting optimally based on motion sensor technology. In collaboration with Schréder and Tvilight, we managed to realize a very efficient light-on-demand solution for the new business park. In the future, we will continue installing intelligent lighting, and more pilot projects with Tvilight will follow.”

Christian Albrecht, Stadtwerke Münster

Thanks to open architecture and open standards, Tvilight intelligent lighting networks can be easily strengthened with additional smart city sensors and devices for advanced traffic control, environmental monitoring, energy metering, and more.

Tvilight is a European market leader specialized in sensors, wireless lighting controllers, and connected light management solutions for outdoor applications. Our products create an independent open network that allows integrating a multitude of third-party applications and thus constitute a reliable, future-proof base for Smart Cities and the Internet of Things. The company has an installed base of more than 250 projects globally and has deployed thousands of intelligent connected devices in iconic cities and critical infrastructure around the world. Tvilight’s international projects include Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Dutch Railways, Port of Moerdijk, Seoul, Beijing, as well as some of the biggest German cities such as Düren, Münster, Cologne, Dortmund, and Berlin.