Tvilight and Hellux roll out one of the largest intelligent lighting networks in Germany

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Tvilight smart city controllers in all new Hellux LED street lamps in Düren, Germany

Tvilight, a Dutch high-tech company specializing in outdoor sensors, intelligent lighting controls, and lighting management software, has strengthened its European market leadership position by providing the management system for one of the largest networked street lighting projects in Germany to date. Hellux, one of Germany’s oldest and best-known manufacturers of LED lighting solutions, has deployed the Tvilight intelligent lighting management system in its new large-scale connected lighting project in the German city of Düren in North Rhine-Westphalia.

“We have focused on the latest safety techniques, both in ensuring the lighting as well as for data transmission. This smart system solution not only saves costs and effort, but provides an ultimately better quality of life to the citizens of Düren.”

Waldemar Becker, Product Manager, Hellux

Deploying the new LED fixtures with integrated Tvilight controllers will create a self-configuring independent wireless network that can be used as a foundation for new Smart City/IoT applications, e.g. for air quality monitoring, traffic control, energy metering, and much more. As part of the strategic street lighting overhaul initiated by the City of Düren, Hellux is rolling out more than 1,500 new LED street lights equipped with Tvilight SkyLite controllers that are connected to Tvilight management software CityManager. The industry-leading street lighting management system from Tvilight will allow Düren to cut down its energy and maintenance costs for public lighting, and create a safe, sustainable living environment for the citizens. Furthermore, Düren will make the first step towards Smart City by setting up a large-scale wireless open network into which additional Smart City/IoT applications can be easily integrated. This, thanks to the fact that Tvilight networks are based on open standards and are compatible with a multitude of third-party systems.

“We are pleased to see an accelerated adoption of wireless lighting networks in Germany. Connected lighting is becoming a major technological trend in this region, and one that is actively embraced by local municipalities. Ordinary light poles of yesterday are transforming themselves into intelligent, responsive, data-sharing hubs. Wireless lighting networks are a perfect springing board into a world of IoT devices and applications, the use of which improves the lives of common citizens like you and me.”

Heide Jeuken, Chief Commercial Officer, Tvilight

According to the latest data, even though current market penetration of connected street lighting technologies is less than 1%, it is expected to hit a 10% mark by 2021/2022. The same report mentions that connected outdoor lighting market has been growing steadily over the past years and is predicted to amount to nearly €2.5 billion in 2022.

Europe will be no exception to this trend, where rapid street lighting modernization will be driven by financial, legislative, technological, and environmental factors. With more than 9.2 million street lights in place, Germany has a unique position to leverage modern lighting technologies for sustainable urban growth and development.

*UPDATE May 18, 2018, 10:50. Since this press release has been published, the project has gone through an expansion, which brought the number of connected LUNUX-Tvilight luminaires in the city to 2,400.

Tvilight is a European market leader specialized in sensors, wireless lighting controllers, and connected light management solutions for outdoor applications. Our products create an independent open network that allows integrating a multitude of third-party applications and thus constitute a reliable, future-proof base for Smart Cities and the Internet of Things. The company has an installed base of more than 250 projects globally and has deployed thousands of intelligent connected devices in iconic cities and critical infrastructure around the world. Tvilight’s international projects include Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Dutch Railways, Port of Moerdijk, Seoul, Beijing, as well as some of the biggest German cities such as Düren, Münster, Cologne, Dortmund, and Berlin.